Employee Motivation Survey Template

Motivation is among the important factors that really affect the productivity and creativity of employees. Therefore, alongside job satisfaction, you should learn if the employees feel motivated and have career goals or not. The employee motivation survey template on forms.app will provide you with standard questions and make your job easier and faster!

Employee Motivation Survey Template


Importance of using an online employee motivation survey

Measuring employee engagement and motivation has many advantages and positively impacts employee experiences. First of all, by conducting a research survey on this matter, you show how much you care for your employees and your business. And with employee feedback, you will have a chance to improve the current situation and fix the problems, if any. Four reasons are listed below to summarize why you should use an employee motivation survey.

  • Showing your employees that they matter
  • Detecting the issues in the work environment
  • Measuring their satisfaction and motivation levels
  • Developing a strategy to increase employee morale and motivation 


Creating a better employee motivation survey 

forms.app provides many useful features and questionnaire templates to help you with your survey-making process. So, by opening this free employee motivation survey template and customizing it to suit your needs, you can easily collect the feedback you want. 

All you have to do is check the current questions on the survey sample, change some of them, or add new ones with a few clicks. But, it is also possible to use these employee satisfaction templates without any change. Lastly, you may consider a few points when creating your employee motivation survey.

  • Make sure each question has a purpose: To detect the exact issues, you have to make sure that the answers to each question actually mean something. This way, you can see the image more clearly and choose a better approach according to the situation.
  • Keep your survey form engaging and professional: Make sure your questions are not too long and boring. This way, the employees won’t lose their focus and give you more accurate and honest answers. Also, by choosing a free theme, using the template design, or changing the design manually, you can make your employee motivation survey look more clean and more professional.
  • Use some optional open-ended questions: You can use opinion scales or other field types to collect feedback according to your preferences. But using open-ended questions will provide more detailed answers, and your employees have a chance to write a few examples. Use this employee motivation survey template to create your free survey today!