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Course Feedback Survey Template

An online course feedback survey is a great tool to collect student feedback about a course, tutor, and students. With an online survey, you can see if the aim of the course has been achieved or not. Open this free course feedback survey template and start editing the questions for your course with no effort!

Course Feedback Survey Template


Importance of using an online course feedback survey

Educational institutions have to make sure that students are learning or utilizing the course materials at certain levels. And when it comes to measuring educational outcomes, an online course feedback survey presents itself as one of the best solutions. And since this survey will be online, you can do all the feedback gathering work automatically and save a great deal of time. Additionally, you can see some reasons to use a course feedback survey listed below:

  • Understanding student motives and see things from student's perspective
  • See how the tutors perform in the class
  • Gain actionable insights
  • See the learning outcomes
  • Collect constructive feedback

Some points to consider when creating your course feedback survey

According to the course, the questions and features can be different in the survey. So, after selecting this free course feedback survey template, you can edit the questions and change some options to make your survey more optimized for your class or school. But there are also some common points you may consider when creating your course feedback survey.

  • Explain the purpose of the survey: Before the survey questions, you can add brief information about the survey and its purpose. This field will be informative for students. Also, knowing you care for their opinions and using a course feedback survey to collect data directly from them will encourage students to fill out your survey.
  • Make sure your questions refer to a single matter: When adding your custom questions, make sure to ask them in a way that the results will give you an idea about a certain issue. This way, you will be able to see where the course has achieved great success and where it has failed.
  • Use unbiased and objective language: To avoid affecting the student choices and to be able to collect accurate survey data, make sure to have a clear and unbiased tone. This way, students will understand the subject matter more clearly and write their honest opinions.
  • Change question types according to the feedback you like to receive: With forms.app you have many options when it comes to the field types. Once you have decided which type of data you want to collect, you can choose a more suitable question type. In fact, you can even use them together. For example, if you’d like to receive detailed feedback, adding open-ended questions may be the best solution for you. Also, you can add opinion scales and open-ended questions together and make the latter optional.
  • Offer anonymity to the students: If their names are collected, students can hesitate to express their thoughts frankly. To make them feel more secure and at ease, you can remove the questions for name and student number, or at least make them optional. This way, you will have more accurate data to work on.

How to customize your course feedback survey to make it truly yours?

forms.app provides useful feedback survey templates and numerous handy features for you. Thanks to the user-friendly interface of forms.app, you can easily use the template as a base and edit your form without any coding experience. In addition to the editing features, you will have many customization and sharing options as well. Easily change the background, font, or colors of your survey, or choose a ready-to-use theme for a quick solution. Start creating your survey form today with forms.app’s free course feedback survey template!


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