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How to get PayPal Client ID and Client Secret?

PayPal offers one of the safest ways to collect money online. Now, you can use PayPal to collect payments on your online forms. All you have to do is enter your Client ID and Client Secret. LetÔÇÖs continue and see how you can find them on your PayPal account!

1- Sign in to your PayPal account:

2- Click on the ÔÇťdeveloperÔÇŁ button at the top right:

3- Under ÔÇťmy apps & credentials,ÔÇŁ choose ÔÇťliveÔÇŁ and then the ÔÇťcreate appÔÇŁ option:

4- Enter an app name (such as PayPal API for and select ÔÇťmerchantÔÇŁ:

5- After completing this process, copy and paste your Client ID and Client Secret to the PayPal option on

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