20 best student survey questions to ask in your student surveys

Feb 09, 2023 6 min read
20 best student survey questions to ask in your student surveys

Eren Eltemur

Do you need an honest and quick way to get students’ opinions on your school? Using an online survey is the perfect way to gather that data. Using a student survey will help you to gain insight into your student’s thoughts on the teachers, lessons, and their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with teaching methods

In this article, you will learn what a student survey is and what are the different types of student surveys you can use at your school. And with the help of the 20 best student survey question examples, how can you create a perfect survey with

What is a student survey?

Student survey is an educational method used by educational institutions to gather feedback and opinions. With the help of student surveys, it is easy to get opinions about various aspects such as their educational experiences, satisfaction with the lessons, teacher, services, and other subjects. You can also learn their future expectations with the collected data and help them better. Universities, schools, and every kind of educational institute can use this type of survey template to create and customize their own student survey. 

So your target audience is the students, and the best way to learn their honest opinions is using a survey since face-to-face interviews can be intimidating and also lead to their answers regardless of your intention. You can gather honest feedback from students with online surveys and get insights on classroom activities in a particular school year

The definition of student survey

The definition of student survey

Types of student surveys

There are different types of surveys, each aiming for different aspects. If you would like to improve lessons, then you may prefer to choose related questions. You can also ask questions about the institution and their expectations and also gather feedback on teachers and focus on improving their teaching methods or just focus on the student’s personal problems related to their daily day life or their interactions with their friends to increase students’ efficiency.

  • To improve the lesson: Whether or not students learn the subject and find useful information in the lesson is highly dependent on the teacher and also the yearly plan. So in order to improve efficiency, you can ask related questions to students and keep track of their satisfaction.
  • To improve the school: You can ask questions related to services and facilities to improve them. You need to learn the student perspective in order to learn if you are offering better service.
  • To develop teachers: By covering up issues like student-teacher relationships and interactions and covering topics like teaching methods, you can improve your teachers and their methods.
  • To learn students' personal problems: It is crucial to have knowledge of students' mental health and find the problems as soon as possible before they get serious. Institutions must use student surveys to learn if bullying activities or other traumas can affect students' social skills.
  • To help learn them learn about themselves: Students also can use self-evaluation forms to improve themselves. To get more detailed information, check the self-evaluation forms for students articles on 

20 Great student survey question examples to ask

Since student surveys are highly important. Using the right methods and relative questions with clear intention and no ambiguity is a must. Also, they must be funny and engaging so that you can get the attention of your students.

Using the features of, you can make these intentions clear with different question types and make your student survey much better. You can use open-ended questions, drop-down selections, opinion scales, and star ratings. Even though there are lots of options to use, we gather 20 student survey examples for you to use. Here are the example student survey questions

Student survey questions beginning of the year

You can create survey questions before starting the academic year and learn their expectations and goals to offer them a better service and education so that you get satisfying results.

1  - What are your expectations for this academic year? Do you have any goals? (Long text)

2  - What subjects or lessons are you looking forward to seeing this year? (Short text)

3  - On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you about starting this academic year? (opinion scale)

4  - Do you seek any support or an additional resource that can be helpful to you this year? (Yes/No)

5  - Do you consider yourself prepared for this semester? (Star rating)

A student survey question example - 1

A student survey question example - 1

Survey questions to ask students about a class

To improve the efficiency of the class and lessons, you can ask their opinions right after the class so that you can measure their satisfaction with the lesson and make proper improvements.

6  - How would you rate the effectiveness of the instructor in teaching the material? (Opinion scale)

7  - Do you consider the class materials, such as handouts, textbooks, and readings, to be sufficient? (Star rating)

8  - Are there any unclear and confusing parts? If there were, can you specify? (Short text)

9  - How well do you feel the class prepared you for future coursework or related job responsibilities? (Opinion scale)

10  - How satisfied are you with the content covered in this class? (Star rating)

A student survey question example - 2

A student survey question example - 2

Online learning survey questions for students

Online lessons have become a big part of our lives. So asking related questions can improve your online learning platform with the feedback from your students. 

11  - Was the online platform user-friendly and easily accessible? (Opinion scale)

12  - Did you feel a sense of community and engagement with your peers in the online course? (Yes/No)

13  - Do you have any suggestions for improvement for this online course? (Long text)

14  - How well did the online format support your learning? (Opinion scale)

15  - Did you have access to sufficient technical support when needed? (Yes/No)

A student survey question example - 3

A student survey question example - 3

Demographic survey questions for college students

Demographic questions are also helpful when it comes to classifying particular groups and conducting research based on the students' demographics. Demographic surveys are a great way to collect demographic data. To collect demographic information, you can ask questions about the age, gender, household income, employment status, and also marital status of university students to get well-rounded knowledge. 

16  - What is your current year in college? (Dropdown field)

  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth 

17  - What is your major or field of study? (Text field)

18  - Are you a full-time or part-time student? 

  • Full-time
  • Part-time

19  - Are you involved in any extracurricular activities or clubs on campus? (Text field)

20  - Have you received scholarships or financial support? (Yes/No)

A student survey question example - 4

A student survey question example - 4

How to create a student survey

In conclusion, now you know how to use questions effectively. You can create your surveys for free with Don't forget to use a variety of question types, such as multiple-choice questions and opinion scales, in your surveys, as they will help you get the results in the right way. 

By using them, you can create perfect surveys. You can use ready-made survey templates for a start or create your survey from scratch, depending on your time and effort. You can also customize your survey to match your school's color and make it unique and eye-pleasing. Without making it more time-consuming, just create your account for free and start creating your student survey.