Top 100 prize ideas for your online giveaways & contests

Apr 18, 2023 15 min read
Top 100 prize ideas for your online giveaways & contests

Şeyma Beyazçiçek

Especially since the last few years, many companies have moved their marketing business to social media. Since reaching people and attracting their attention is easier, companies have turned their faces to social media. On the different kinds of platforms, companies have developed many different marketing strategies, and running giveaways and contests is one of them.

If your company is considering running a giveaway or contest to make a name in the industry, but you are confused, no worries. In this article, you will find the top 100 giveaway prize ideas to promote your product or service. 

Why do you need to choose the right prize?

How can choosing the right prize help you?

How can choosing the right prize help you?

Running giveaways via influencers has a significant impact on sales rates, which many statistics prove. Giveaways in the area of digital marketing have indisputable advantages. Companies should stay with current marketing trends and techniques to avoid losing in the market.  Running giveaways and contests has many pros like:

  • opportunity to show off your products,
  • increased brand awareness
  • growing email list
  • increased engagement
  • getting more followers and subscribers   

How to choose the right prize for your giveaways

Many companies know that prize contests have many benefits; however, making it the right way is the key point. Throughout the process, you should follow each step in detail if you want to get what you aim for in the first place. You will find the right prize provided that you follow these steps:

1  - Make a decision on what you promote: In the first place, take a moment and decide on what your company wants to promote. Is it the latest or limited edition product? After deciding on it, you can continue with the next steps.

2  - Pre-allocate your budget: Especially if you have a limited budget, you might need to consider how many prizes you will give people. What will the first, second, third (or maybe more) people get from your company? According to your budget, you can share the prizes among the accounts.

3  - Choose your target audience: This is the critical point because if you know your audience, you will do a great job as long as you know their age range, gender, occupation, nationality, etc. 

100 best prize ideas for online giveaways and contests

In this article, you can find many kinds of prizes that are categorized separately. In this way, you can find what you look easier.  We have listed the 100 best ideas so that you do not waste time on finding prizes. You can find many exciting prize ideas and concepts for your giveaways or contests according to your priorities or benefits. Read the list below and take action to grow your business!

Prize ideas for special days

Some days are meant to be remembered. On most special days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, Valentine's Day, or Women’s Day, people tend to shop and explore more than on other days, and online giveaways are an excellent way to reach them. 

1  - Photo shooting: A free photo shoot will be a great memory for them to remember that moment. Photo shootings are perfect gifts for birthdays.

2  - Free romantic dinner: Everybody wants to celebrate their special days with a romantic dinner. It is a good choice for couples. 

3  - Surprise box: These boxes contain a kind of mechanical photo and note system. The accounts can write their own notes and send photos.

Small prize ideas

Small prizes are the perfect mini source of happiness. These kinds of gifts are frequently given to reinforce friendships. Despite its small cost, people have a huge demand for these giveaways. Many people enter the giveaway to give these gifts to others, if not to themselves.

4  - Friendship bracelets: Although it is not an expensive gift when someone receives a friendship bracelet, it means a lot to that person. 

5  - Patterned, animated socks: A pair of socks that is patterned or popular character socks are being preferred these days. 

6  - Game character keychain: Cute silicon and colored game character keychains are the favorites of both children and adults.

7  - Tote bags: Since the sustainability project became popular, the usage of tote bags has increased, so printed tote bags are a perfect choice for small giveaways.

8  - Colored hair claws: In the last two years, hair claws have become fashionable. They have many designs and color options. 

9  - Bookmarks: Custom ribbon, string, metal, or magnet bookmarks are a sweet option for your giveaways.

Small prize ideas

Small prize ideas

* * *

Prize ideas for Saas

10  - Discount code: Do not forget that any discount for your brand, even though it is not too much, will encourage people to buy your product or service.

11  - Free subscription for 1 year: It is a perfect opportunity to get used to and try for the users.

12  - Beta access: With beta access, users will have a chance of early access.

Prize ideas for students

Students always run after giveaways and contests because they think that anything that gets is for good. It is probable that if you run a giveaway that addresses students, you will get many followers, likes, and interactions. 

13  - Online courses: You can give students free online courses like speaking, maths, chemistry, and biology courses. Many students provide benefits on these types of giveaways. 

14  - Notebooks: Colored and neat notebooks are a great source of motivation. Giving students a nice set of notebooks is a good idea.

15  - Schoolbag: Each student wants to get a good quality schoolbag for free! 

16  - Colored pencil set: Just like notebooks, colored pencil set motivates students to take nice notes while studying. 

17  - Laptop table: With the quarantine, laptop tables have become a part of students’ lives. With its easy usage on the bed, giving away laptop tables to students will make them happy.

18  - Planner: Making plans is the key to success for students, and most of them use planners. They note each detail on it, so planners significantly impact giveaways.

Prize ideas for students

Prize ideas for students

* * *

Prize ideas for Christmas

Christmas time is the nicest time of the year when everyone waits, from children to adults. People shop a lot at that time, so running giveaways with a Christmas concept will increase your followers because many people enter Christmas giveaways each year.

19  - Christmas glasses: Funny glasses are indispensables for Christmas parties. To color the parties, give Christmas glasses to people. 

20  - Christmas tree ornaments: Decorating the trees is one of the best ways to feel the Christmas spirit. With different sizes and types of ornaments, trees will be colored, thanks to giveaways.

21  - Pajamas with the concept: Cute pajamas with the new year concept are the best option for people who will spend their Christmas holiday at home.

22  - House slippers: Just like pajamas, cute Santa or deer slippers are lovely gifts for stay  home team. 

23  - New Year’s cupboards: Christmas-printed cupboards are a must! It is the first gift that comes to mind when thinking about Secret Santa

24  - Free dinner: Giving a free dinner will give people a chance to have a great New Year's Eve.

25  - Christmas Lighting: Lighting is a warm activity with family or friends, so those who want this activity will join the contest.

26  - Gift cards: Gift cards are the best who wants to buy a present for someone but do not know what to buy. Limited gift cards will be a perfect option for the giveaways.

Prize ideas for Christmas

Prize ideas for Christmas

* * *

Prize ideas for adults

Everybody wants to treat themselves after long working days, but if it is free, it is better. To feel energized, charged, and relaxed, these giveaways will help one better motivate themselves. There is no possibility of having no demand for these relaxing giveaway activities. 

27  - Therapy discount: Especially since the last few years, most people have started to take one, but not everybody has a chance to take one. Giving discounts via giveaways will help them a lot.

28  - Spa treatments: Spa is the best way if people want to spend a day relaxing. They will love it.

29  - Shopping gift cards: People can buy many things for themselves with these cards. 

30  - Car: Even though it is a costly giveaway, it gains you millions of followers and subscribers. 

31  - All-inclusive holiday: Again, all-inclusive holidays are the most engaging giveaways.

32  - Alcohol gift basket: A nice hand-crafted alcohol gift basket made of many different alcohols is a good option for adults.  

Prize ideas for men

On Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or the birthdays of boyfriends, the giveaways prize ideas for men below will be helpful for everybody. Also, it does not have to be a special day, these giveaways can be given as gifts any day!

33  - Perfume: Words can never express what a nice scent does. Anyone may feel unique and have their spirits lifted by a lovely scent.

34  - Watch: Watches are timeless pieces of jewelry that may last decades.

35  - Shirt: Shirts are widely used by men compared to women. 

36  - Shaving foam: Using giveaways to promote your new shaving foam is a nice way to advertise them.

37  - Tie: Though ties are regarded as modest gifts, even one may be a thoughtful and whole present. 

38  - Sweatshirts: Men who wear casual will attend your sweatshirt giveaways.

39  - Wallet and belt: Wallets and belts are types of gifts used and given importance by men.

40  - Engraved Decanter Set: Customized engraved decanter is a set preferred by men.

Prize ideas for men

Prize ideas for men

* * *

Prize ideas for women

When promoting the latest products for women, the first thing that comes to mind is giveaways via influencers. Also, statistics show that most of the giveaways are for women. These types of giveaways, related to beauty and fashion, are much preferred.

41  - Shower set: A shower set that includes shower gel, shampoo, bathtub foam, and peeling will be an exciting gift for women. 

42  - Hair dryer and straighter set: Women are getting used to taking care of themselves at home, so they will need this kind of set. 

43  - Gel nail coupon: Getting nails done has become very popular, so a free or discount coupon will gain you lots of interaction.

44  - Facial care products: If you want to promote your facial care products, the best way is to use giveaways, for sure. 

45  - Woman-health set: Giving away sanitary pads or tampons is an unmissable opportunity for female-oriented content creators.

46  - Lip-kit set: It is nearly the most chosen giveaway option for makeup companies.

47  - Hairdresser discount code: To promote your service, this kind of service will be beneficial for your business. 

48  - Make-up brush set: A good brush set is an important complementary part of good makeup. People who are interested in makeup will enter the giveaway.

Prize ideas for women

Prize ideas for women

* * *

Prize ideas for office workers

People who work in offices want to create a personal area for themselves or small items to make their office work more manageable. Organizing giveaways for office workers will facilitate their goal. 

49  - Lunch box set: Giving lunch box sets to office workers will make them happy, especially those who eat healthily. 

50  - Customized pen: Having a personalized pen is pleasant for office workers.

51  - Named mug: Mugs are essential for office workers, especially those who love coffee.

52  - Table clock: Digital or analog clock will specialize their workspace.

53  - Office bag: A nice bag to fill with all the essentials is an excellent present for office workers. 

54  - Agenda: An office worker needs to organize their work or take important notes. 

55  - Laptop stickers: Cute stickers may personalize their laptop. 

Prize ideas for online workers

Especially since the last few years, lots of people have started to work from home, which means that the number of online workers has increased. To get their attention, you can organize these giveaways below:

56  - Laptop: Each online worker needs a quality laptop. Your company will gain lots of comments, likes, and followers despite its cost. 

57  - Headphones: Headphones are an essential part of an online meeting regarding sound quality.

58  - Table lamp: Working with a lamp with a well-adjusted light level is very important for eye health. 

Prize ideas for fitness 

If your target audience is healthy people and you have a similar sector, run a giveaway for fitness to impress them. You can easily promote your brand to the audience you want according to your objectives.  

59  - Gym mat: Mats are the most used item in the gymnastic fields. Every fitness people need it. 

60  - Sportswear set: Those who do sports are required to wear clothing containing a different type of fabric than normal.

61  - Sneakers: A good pair of sneakers is important for the feet' health. 

62  - Gym set: For those who want to work out at home will take a lot of interest in this giveaway.

63  - Stretch bands: People who want to boost muscle will join the giveaway.

64  - Water bottle: Special water bottles for fitness with larger sizes are necessary for most.

65  - Smartwatch: With features like a step counter or heartbeat data, it has become a must for fitness lovers.

66  - Jump ropes: People who work out at home will love joining jump rope giveaways.

67  - Gym bags: A full-fledged gym a-bag is an essential part of the gym.

68  - Gym membership discount: Discounts will encourage people to start fitness. 

69  - Free workout plan: They will help people to exercise under expert supervision.

Prize ideas for fitness

Prize ideas for fitness

* * *

Prize ideas for campers

Organizing specific giveaways or contests for campers via social media platforms will increase your success if you have a company in a sector that will appeal to adventure and camping lovers. These types of giveaways might include anything related to camping. 

70  - Tent: A good tent is a must for campers.

71  - Power bank: Having a power bank is a good guarantee for them to charge their technological gadgets. 

72  - Koozie chair: Comfy koozie chairs can be used while camping and traveling.

73  - Bluetooth speaker: Campers also need an outdoor Bluetooth speaker to listen to music. 

74  - Kamp cook set: Especially professional campers will need this cook set. 

75  - Wind jacket: An excellent jacket to protect from strong winds is fundamental. 

76  - Sleeping bag: It is vital for those who will spend the night in a tent. 

77  - Polar jackets: It is nice to have them to protect you from the cold at night.

Prize ideas for campers

Prize ideas for campers

* * *

Prize ideas for pets

While organizing giveaways or contests, do not forget our little friends. Many pet owners regularly shop for their pets to meet their needs. This shopping is not as cost-friendly as it seems. Organizing a contest for pet owners will help them win their hearts.  

78  - Pet food: Since it is an essential need, it will get a lot of requests.

79  - Couch: Providing them with a comfy zone is a nice prize.

80  - Food bowl: Customized food bowls for pets are a good option.

81  - Pet toy: To stop pets from harming furniture, pet toys are saviors. 

Prize ideas for travelers

Travelers have some basic needs to be met. This hobby is already costly, so if you want to encourage them to travel more, you can organize contests and giveaways for them. In this way, you will gain lots of interaction, and they will be able to travel more cheaper!

82  - Suitcase: Unbreakable suitcases might be hard to afford, so a giveaway is an excellent opportunity for them.

83  - Travel notebook: With these notebooks, they can take notes on the places that they have been, observations, and memories.

84  - Suitcase organizers: It is hard to fit items properly in the suitcase, so they will help.

85  - Flight discount: Discounting one of the most pricey aspects of traveling will satisfy them.

86  - Sun cream: Even though it is a small detail, it is a must for the skin's health 

87  - Tech travel organizer: A great solution to avoid tangling all cables!

88  - Camera: A quality camera will allow you to immortalize all good travel memories. 

Prize ideas for kids

When it comes to children, it is crucial to be more selective in giveaways to be given to the children. It is important to choose gifts that will appeal to their world. Also, this gift should not harm them. 

89  - Coloring book & coloring pencil: They are a perfect opportunity for kids to increase their focus level.

90  - Puzzles: This prize develops their solving ability.  

91  - Stuffed animals: Giving stuffed animals as prizes will increase the children’s social skills.

92  - Toys: Parents who want to provide a variety of toys to their children will enter this contest.

93  - Novelty pens: By giving kids novelty pens, you will encourage them to produce more. 

94  - Childproof case: Most kids’ tablets are broken, so childproof cases are the perfect solution.

Prize ideas for kids

Prize ideas for kids

* * *

Prize ideas for gamers

There are lots of gamer influencers who have a huge following list. The giveaway ideas for gamers generally include technological gadgets that will provide them create a higher-quality computer system or systems that make it easier to play games. 

95  - Computers: The most significant need of a gamer is a powerful computer. 

96  - Steering wheel accessory: Gamers will need it to play racing games. 

97  - Gamer headphones: They do not use regular headphones, so they need gamer headphones to hear the voices more in detail while playing. 

98  - Mouse & Keyboard: Mechanical keyboards and mouses help gamers to play better.

99  - Games: Some computer games might be costly, so many gamers will love this prize. 

100  - Gaming chair: Every gamer needs a gaming chair since it provides them with back support.

Prize ideas for gamers

Prize ideas for gamers

How to start a giveaway: Simple steps

Without a good plan, the process will be difficult, so following some strategies is essential. Now that we have gone over some worthwhile gift suggestions, you can choose the one and start your giveaway by following these basic steps

1  - Set your goal

In the first step, you must decide what you want. You might want to promote your latest product or gain followers and subscribers. Also, you might need to increase your brand awareness. Decide what you need most.  After setting your goal, you can go on with the rest. 

2  - Pick a contest strategy

Pay attention as you develop your own strategy throughout the process. Your business should take into account some factors, like the selection of social media platforms or the duration of the giveaway. Alternatively, think about what you will give the second or third accounts. 

3  - Advertise your product or service

The stage in which you will activate your ideas is this one. Using influencers to promote your product or service might be an option for your company. So, the selection of influencers is crucial. For instance, if you want to promote the latest coffee machine, you must find an influencer who creates that kind of content. 

4  - Check and share the results

You should definitely review the uptrend outcomes for your company after the contest. The statistics collected before and after the giveaway can be compared. In this way, you will learn if you did a good job in achieving your goal or increasing your profit rate. The most important aspect is knowing whether you reach the objective you initially set.

Wrapping it up

In short, each company is trying to run giveaways these days. However, the important thing is giving the right prize to the right audience. We have listed the top 100 prize ideas to make your job easier. After following some basic steps to start a giveaway, as we reviewed, you can choose the right prize among many options and grow your business now!