21 ice breaker questions for your polls and surveys

Oct 21, 2022 5 min read
21 ice breaker questions for your polls and surveys

Hilal Kara

People may not be able to give correct answers to questions when they are not comfortable. Or they may not want to answer boring questions. The same is true for surveys. When you make the questions in the survey sincere and interesting, you can get accurate and sincere answers. In this way, you will be able to appeal to even the shyest audience.

Survey questions can be a great way to break the ice at your next hands-on marketing, whether you are hosting an event, a webinar, or just looking for something to get the team talking. We have listed a bunch of ways to make a group of people more comfortable. In this article, you will learn why you should use icebreaker questions in your surveys, 21 great questions to use in polls and surveys to break the ice, free survey templates, and more.

Why should you use icebreaker questions in your polls?

Ice-breaker questions encourage people to learn more about each other, create a positive atmosphere, and build bonds between staff and management through light conversations. In most cases, they are simple questions that allow people to showcase their personalities and create a fun conversation. For example, a great and fruitful talk with your team can start with icebreaker questions. By using popular poll questions, you can better understand your team and remove barriers between individuals. So, why should you use icebreaker questions in your polls and surveys?

  • It allows respondents to be more active.
  • It increases participation.
  • It allows you to get more and more accurate answers.
  • It makes the environment more friendly.
  • Provides comfort to shy participants.

21 great questions to use in polls and surveys to break the ice

If you are in charge of organizing a team meeting, an event, or participatory group activity, you should be able to craft effective survey questions. We are not just referring to productivity-related survey questions for the workplace. The important thing here is the funniest poll questions that make the people laugh, smile, and bond. 

Fun survey questions have a lot of impacts that should never be underrated. This environment pleases people and gives you more energy before you start working. If this is under the heading, opening questions, yes-no questions, have you ever? Questions, you will examine questions and vocabulary questions.


A poll can be a great way to break the ice and start the conversation. With the icebreaking questions you will use here, you can start the conversation with a warm approach and make the other person feel more sincere. Icebreakers, also known as conversation-opening questions, can save lives in many situations.

#1  - How was your day?

#2  - If you had the describe yourself using three words, what would those three words be?

#3  - Which brand would you choose if you were forced to choose one?

#4  - What is a website or mobile application that does not exist but you want it to be?

#5  - What’s your guilty pleasure?

An opener question example

An opener question example

Yes - No Questions

Yes-No questions are simple questions that can be used in a survey. The simplicity of yes-no questions makes them a versatile tool for collecting information on online surveys and polls. The results are clearer as there are two possible answers here. Start getting more candid and clear answers using icebreaker yes-no questions.

#6  - Do you like surprises?

#7  - Soul mates: do you believe in them?

#8  - Would you like to see what awaits you in the feature?

#9  - Would you choose the same profession if you could go back in time?

#10  - Is there another phone number that you memorized besides your own?

A Yes - No question example

A Yes - No question example

“Have you ever?” questions

Have you ever? Questions that begin with are clear questions that can reveal secrets and get in-depth information about the other party. In addition, since these questions are frequently used in games, they will not stress the respondents. These questions are quite fun icebreaker questions. 

#11  - Have you ever been outside your comfort zone?

#12  - Have you ever traveled for work?

#13  - Have you ever won the lottery?

#14  - Have you ever been on TV?

#15  - Have you ever lived in a different country?

A “Have you ever?” question example

A “Have you ever?” question example

Word questions

In word associations questions, respondents must be creative and find connections between the various words and questions. The most remarkable feature of these questions is to be able to produce the main word among more than one word. These questions are quite useful icebreaker questions.

#16  - In a word, how was your new year?

#17  - Is there anything you are most grateful for?

#18  - Which color motivates and inspires you?

#19  - What is the first dish that comes to mind when we say Spain?

#20  - If you were rich, what would you buy first?

#21  - If your city was a color, what color would it be?

A word question example

A word question example

Free poll and survey templates for a quick start

Meetings and events can be made more engaging by asking survey and poll questions. When we are not comfortable, we may not be able to give correct answers to questions. Or we may not want to answer boring questions. The same is true for surveys and polls. When you make the questions in the survey softer, you can get accurate and sincere answers. This gets easier with the icebreaker questions we have explained above.

It is wise to use surveys to provide a better experience. You can prepare more effective surveys and questions by checking out tips for professional surveys. The icebreaker questions you will use in surveys are a great tool for increasing team cohesion and finding intimate spaces among co-workers that can make the office more enjoyable and social. In this article, we have put together some great questions to get you started. You can get started right away using one or more of the questions above and the free templates below.