Trainer Observation Form

Training, whether it is in the context of business, sports, or social environment, is a very valuable aspect of getting things better. Training is only as good as the performance of the trainer. An online trainer observation form will help you find out just that. Get started with the free trainer observation form template on!

Trainer Observation Form


What are the advantages of the trainer observation form?

The feedback collected from the trainees will help you evaluate the performance of the trainer and will give an idea about what to do to develop the efficiency of the training. You will see that both participation and interest in your training will increase.

  1. Open this evaluation form template to create your own.
  2. Start editing the form with different form fields designated for your participants to evaluate the training.
  3. Once you are done, save and share your form!

The meaning of online survey is a web form that consists of a series of questions and also collecting data for various purposes such as feedback, evaluation, market research, etc.

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There are some fundamental points when creating your survey questions. These are:

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