Termination of Tenancy Agreement Form

A termination of tenancy agreement form is mostly used by landlords or property managers and lays out the terms of the termination, including the date by which the property must be vacated and any owed monies that are due. This termination of tenancy agreement form template comes with relevant fields, so you can easily use it to create your form faster.

Termination of Tenancy Agreement Form


When a tenancy agreement is terminated, there are specific conditions that must be met in order for both the tenant and the landlord to be in compliance with the law. The termination of tenancy agreement form will outline the details of the termination, including the date by which the property must be vacated, security deposit, and more. Here is some information you can include or ask for in your online agreement form for terminating the lease:

  • Date Tenancy Agreement was Entered Into
  • Date of Notice of Termination 
  • Property Address 
  • Name(s), Contact Information, and signature of Tenant(s)tenant
  • Responsibilities of property owners and renters according to the landlord-tenant laws
  • State laws about vacating the premises
  • Terms for early termination
  • If the tenant complied with all lease terms

Once tenants sign this termination agreement, they will be free from any obligations to the rented property. Using an online agreement form as a lease termination letter alternative will help you keep all files in one place and get the necessary data while sitting comfortably in your chair. So, give it a try today and create your own termination of tenancy agreement form on forms.app!

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