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Order Cancellation Form

The lack of a well-designed form to cancel orders on your website can be very frustrating. Especially when you're running an eCommerce business, it's important to keep your customers happy and satisfied. That’s why we have created this template for use in online order cancellation forms that are easy to understand and quick to fill out - so you can keep your customers happy and your business running smoothly.

Order Cancellation Form


An order cancellation form is a document used to request the cancellation of an order that has already been placed. This form can be used by customers who have changed their mind about an order, or by businesses who need to cancel an order for any reason. On the responses page, you can also track and manage the cancellation request without any effort.

Your cancellation form should include fields for the customer's name, address, order number, and contact information like phone number and email address. It may also have a section for the customer's signature and date, as well as the reason for cancellation. With this free order cancellation form sample, you can easily allow your customers to cancel their order for a product or service.

Cancellation forms allow customers to cancel services or products they have purchased from you. An online cancellation form basically includes the terms and conditions of the cancellation, the steps that must be taken by the customer in order to cancel, and asks for necessary information, such as customer name, contact details, or client ID. You can easily create your online form by using a form creator, like

Once you have selected one of the cancellation form templates and created your online form, you can simply share it with your clients so that they can fill it out. If you place this request form on your website, your members or clients can start the cancellation process without any hassle. Then you can check the details of the cancellation request, and inform the client that their membership, subscription, or service has been terminated.

Yes, online form builders make it easy to create forms for accepting cancellation requests. As most form builders do, offers free templates for creating cancellation forms, and you can customize the form to fit your specific needs. You can also enable email notifications when a cancellation is submitted, so you can quickly process the request. By following these steps, you can easily use for an easy cancellation process:

  1. Open and import one of the cancellation form templates
  2. Customize your form based on your goals
  3. Make sure to ask for contact details, like email addresses and phone numbers
  4. Optionally, you can get feedback by asking a few questions about their decision
  5. Add a signature field to have their electronic signature
  6. Embed your online form on your website

Organizations or companies sometimes set special terms for getting compensation in case the subscribers terminate their subscription early. If you require some type of fee for early terminations, it is possible to collect fees on with a simple payment field.