Independent Contractor Form Template

An independent contractor form is a document used for informing the customers and getting a confirmation for starting to work. As this form will be legally binding, you will have a legal guarantee if something happens. The free independent contractor form template on will help you create awesome forms in a really short time.

Independent Contractor Form Template


Using an independent contractor form for various job types

No matter the job type you prefer, you can use this free independent contractor form template as a base and customize your form with ease. You can either create different forms for each type of work or use’s conditional logic for complex forms. Adding a selection field at the top will enable you to show some questions or sections according to the customers’ selection. For example, you can create three job profiles in your online independent contractor form:

Single jobs

One-time works, such as painting, translation, web design, and so on, often are much simpler than other types. That’s why writing general terms and conditions will be enough in most cases. If you are creating special designs for people, for example, you can include description fields for your potential customers. With, it is also possible to collect documents. This will help you give them a price for your services.

Long term projects

In long-term projects, your working conditions will usually depend on the company or team you work with. While creating a standard long-term independent contractor agreement form may work for you, you can also create custom agreement forms or customize the provisions of this agreement according to the job offer. 

Continuous works

For continuous work, you can add your requests from companies and inform them about your working style. If they find you suitable for their projects, they can offer you a permanent position or include you in their projects. And it is best to organize a meeting about this kind of job/partnership request prior to written consent. After you have opened this independent contractor form template, clearly state your conditions to have a mutual understanding before a meeting.

Collecting or requesting payment for services

If your work has standardized outputs, this means you can offer people an estimated price for some jobs. Thanks to the calculator feature of, however, you are capable of more than that. By simply adding questions about the work and assigning scores to the choices, you can follow an advanced approach for price offers.

For example, if you are an artist, you can add questions, such as “Would you like to have revisions?”, “Which formats do you prefer for your designs?” or “When is the deadline for this project request?”.  According to these choices, you can offer an estimated price to your customers automatically.

Price requests

While there will be no need for this section if you will use an independent contractor form for sole agreement purposes, you can add a specific field to learn price ranges. It is also possible to contact the business owners or companies after learning their expectations. Therefore, it is recommended to make entering contact details required for submissions.

Payment collection

If you have standard prices and collect your payments together with the agreement, you can easily do so on Once you have opened the independent contractor form template, simply add a payment field and add a price amount. By doing so, you will be able to collect payments via secure gateways. And it is also good for customers since they can choose some options, such as credit/debit cards and Stripe or PayPal accounts.

Some important topics you should include in your independent contractor form

It is important to inform your potential customers about your capabilities, product details, and other various topics. Bear in mind that applicable laws can be an issue for some cases, so you can add fields for explaining the laws and their provisions. You may also need some information from your customers, however. Make sure to create questions for learning, taxpayer identification number, effective date, and so on.

Description of services

To prevent customers from asking or expecting you to do extra work and to provide them with the best products, you have to describe your services in a clear language. In fact, it is best to create a section or field for only explaining your services. It is also possible to show off your previous work in an independent contractor form. For additional services, you can create checkboxes and use the calculator feature to give your customers a certain price.

Product ownership

Sometimes, the status of an outcome product can be unclear and causes a set of problems. According to your service type or personal preferences, you can explain your conditions. Another alternative is adding a selection field and asking your customers which type of ownership they are looking for. According to governing laws, this can affect income taxes or business expenses. Therefore, make sure to include the product ownership topic in your form after opening this independent contractor form template.


As you probably are familiar with, some employers can be quite concerned about confidentiality. Hence, it is often best to assure them your work will be private to everyone else. Since this will be an essential factor in your agreements,  express your conditions in a direct and open manner.

Have completely customizable forms with this free independent contactor form template

As an advanced form builder, provides numerous modifying and design options. All you have to do is open this independent contractor form template and start editing your forms right away. Moreover, you will be able to create forms with lower efforts as the template will come in a ready-to-use form. However, if you want to add different sections or remove some of the existing ones, you can easily do so.

Additionally, you will have many customizing options to create blending forms for your website. If you want to use your form solo, also got you covered as well. By simply selecting one of the free themes, it’s possible to change your form design instantly. Use the independent contractor form template on now and have awesome-looking forms for free!

A quote, also known as a price quote, is a price offer given at a fixed rate to customers by vendors, agencies, or sellers. Before customers order a product or service, they often get in touch with the business to request a quote.

To make a quote form for your business, you will need a form builder application. Here on, you will have all the features you need to create your free form and collect data in real time. After sign-in to your account, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Open one of the quote form templates or create a blank form.
  2. Add your questions and options for your potential customers.
  3. Use Calculator to assign points to answers.
  4. Add terms and conditions for your service/product, price quotation, and payment terms.
  5. Make customizations that will represent your business.
  6. Share or embed your form with your audience.

Yes, you can assign points to some answers and show a price quote at the end of your forms by using the calculator feature of Giving quotes automatically will help you save time and have a simpler workflow in minutes. Here are the steps you should follow to show quotes automatically:

  1. Head over to the Calculator tab after adding your form content.
  2. Select answers and enter points to each of them (leave blank if it won’t affect the price).
  3. Open Calculator settings and click on “Show calculation result.”
  4. Optionally, you can create customized thank-you page messages for your customers.
  5. Now you can give fixed price offers for your goods or services.

From graphic designers to translators, any freelancer or business can use quotation forms to give price estimates or standard prices to their customers. By offering a service quote form, businesses can gather details, such as contact information and job requests. Plus, online quotes are effective and efficient for both buyers and sellers, as they automate the process and make it easier overall.