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Employee Feedback Survey Template

Happy employees often lead to more productivity, creativity, and performance in the company. And to make sure the employees are satisfied, first, you must measure employee satisfaction. Though there are many ways you can do that, online pulse surveys provide many advantages for collecting employee feedback. Create one today with’s free employee feedback survey template!

Employee Feedback Survey Template


Importance of using an online employee feedback survey

In order to have a functional, innovative, and exemplary company, you need to make sure your employees are happy. They should feel valued in the workplace and value the work they do. To be able to ensure a good employee experience, you will need an employee feedback survey. By using an online survey, you can collect job satisfaction feedback automatically. But this is not all! There are many reasons to use an online employee feedback survey, such as:

  • Detecting the problems at the workplace: By collecting regular feedback, you can see the problems and their roots. So, once you have learned what causes the problems, you will be able to focus on them to fix these issues.
  • Providing a better work environment: Through the employee feedback survey, employees can tell you about their work environment. For example, you will know when employees are dissatisfied with a manager or with the physical conditions of their workplace. This way, you can make some changes to provide a less toxic and more comfortable environment for employees.
  • Increasing employee morale: Using employee satisfaction surveys will not only help you measure their engagement levels but increase them. When they know the management team pays attention to their opinions, employees will feel important and work more efficiently. So, by using a simple survey, you can show that you are receptive and open to feedback, criticism, and solution offers.
  • Increasing the cooperation among the teams: Sometimes, employees may be unhappy about their teams or just some of the team members. By gathering feedback, you will know what they think about their teams. This will give you a chance to arrange the teams for the most cooperation.
  • Maintaining employee satisfaction: Conducting regular surveys will help you improve employee satisfaction constantly. This way, you will ensure creativity and effectiveness all the time.


Some tips and tricks to create a better employee feedback survey

With, you will have a lot of great employee feedback survey templates that come with general questions and field types. So, it will speed up your survey-creating process, as well as make it easy and effortless. As a matter of fact, with few customizations, you can create an effective and powerful employee feedback survey in seconds. But there are also a few points you may consider when creating your questionnaire.

  • Select the right field types for your questions: To get better results, you need to choose the right question types in your surveys. For example, you can add a rating scale to measure employee satisfaction while you have to provide free writing space for collecting detailed feedback on work-life balance. 
  • Make sure to ask deliberate questions: You probably use an employee feedback survey to detect issues and find solutions for them. But to be able to do that, you have to make sure your questions are clear and refer to a specific aspect of work. This way, you will easily see what you are good at and what you should work on.
  • Don’t ask personal questions or make them optional: Collecting names can hinder your actual goal of having honest feedback. For instance, if an employee has issues with one of the managers, she or he may not talk about this issue because of the possibility of getting fired. So, you should consider providing your employees with the necessary anonymity for accurate results.
  • Have a simple and professional design: Leaving a good impression on employees and showing perfection is a part of your company culture is important, and now possible with Once you have opened the free employee feedback survey template, you will have a really basic and elegant design. But you will also have various different options and free themes to change how your survey looks in seconds. 

Customizing your employee feedback survey

Since employees work in different conditions according to the business or industry, your employee survey questions may also differ from the standard ones. After selecting the employee feedback survey template, you can easily change or add questions. Further, you will also have options to change their field type or set conditions for them. 

Once you have finished with the content, you can easily go to the design menu to change the appearance of your survey. And lastly, you can visit the form settings for optimizing the survey for your business. There you can set a publishing date, enable notifications, and choose from various other options. By creating a survey with an employee feedback survey template, you can easily spot the issues and solve them immediately.

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