Annual Inspection Form Template

Whether it is for vehicles, buildings, stores, or other places, an online annual inspection form can do wonders for your business. With an inspection report form, you can record your assessments and inspections with a couple of clicks. Start creating your custom form now by using’s awesome annual inspection form template!

Annual Inspection Form Template


Why use an online annual inspection form?

If you have ever tried to fill hard-copy forms for inspection, you know the pain. More often than not, this is the case because paperwork does not stop with filling the forms. You may have to review or revise some of the forms and further you must store them, physically. Thankfully, you have nothing to worry about with a custom online form. Using an online annual inspection form will allow you to:

  • Finish your inspection reports faster
  • Review and store them without any effort
  • Easily edit your submissions afterward
  • And save time for other important works that wait for your attention

What to consider when creating an annual inspection form?

Since there are numerous reasons to use inspection forms, it is only natural that your form includes unique elements and questions. For example, if you are creating a form for annual vehicle inspection reports, it will most probably be very different from other inspection forms. But you have nothing to worry about because you can simply use this annual inspection form template as a base and customize your form in minutes.

Thanks to’s handy features, it will be quite easy for you to create a custom inspection form. In addition, you can also use other inspection form templates, such as Safety Inspection Form and Vehicle Inspection Form, to shorten the form-creating process even further. Lastly, considering the following pro tips will definitely carry your annual inspection form to the next level:

  • Add upload fields for adding proof to your inspection reports.
  • If you plan to report for more than one type of inspection, add a multiple selection field to choose the inspection type.
  • If there are specific rules to follow when conducting the inspections, include them in your form.
  • Add your business logo or name to the inspection form.
  • After finishing the inspection process, download the results to your devices or review them on
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