By connecting your forms.app and Xero accounts via Zapier, you can order payment to an invoice, send an invoice via email, transfer money between accounts and issue a new credit note.

You can easily connect your forms.app forms to your Xero account via Zapier. This way, you can create new user records on your Xero site through your form responses and include them in a specific package.

What you need to get started:

● forms.app account

● Xero account

● A Zapier account

How to set up this integration?

  1. Click the 'Use This Integration' button.
  2. Once you are redirected to the Zapier page, click the “forms.app + Xero Connect” button.
  3. Sign in to your Zapier and forms.app accounts.
  4. Install the integration you like by following the simple steps.
  5. End your integration and enable Zap.

Organizing financial transactions is much easier with forms.app and Xero integration!