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WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp is an instant messaging software and one of the oldest applications that are still used today. And you can even use WhatsApp with your online forms to allow your visitors to reach you faster. 

How to enable the WhatsApp integration

With’s WhatsApp integration, you can add a WhatsApp icon to your forms and open a conversation with your form visitors directly. By following the steps below, you will easily enable and use the WhatsApp integration.

1.   Go to the form settings and choose “integrations”:

2.   Here, scroll down to find WhatsApp:

3.   Once you’ve found it, hit the “connect” button and enter your phone number:


Make sure you enter your phone number in the international format; so no dashes, spaces, or brackets.

4.   Lastly, press the save button and open your form to test how it works:

Once your audience opens up your form, they will see a WhatsApp icon on top of the form. This icon will open up the WhatsApp application and take them in a direct conversation with you. 

If you want to offer your audience a more direct way to contact you, try out WhatsApp integration today!