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Statistics Page

Statistics allow you to understand how people are interacting with your form. This information can help you to track the success of your form and determine whether or not it is meeting its goals. Luckily, offers great insights with its statistics page for your form responses.

What can you learn on the statistics page?

Statistics offers a number of valuable information for you, as a form owner. You can access the statistics for your form responses on the results tab. Once you are there, you will be able to see data about your form, respondents, and answers. Let’s take a look at this data and how can you use them:

  • The number of form responses and views: These numbers show how many people opened your form and how many of them submitted their answers.
  • Submission percentage and average submission time: These numbers represent how long it takes people to complete your form and submit it on average and the percentage of people who submit their response.

  • Device types used for submissions: gives you information about the type of device people used to open and submit your forms. These device types are desktop, mobile, and tablet.

  • Platforms where the forms are submitted: Similar to the device types, you can also see the operating system and browser information for the submitted forms.

  • The locations where the forms are submitted: If you are wondering where people are opening and submitting your forms, then simply click on “Location” while you are on the statistics page.

Be aware

This data may not be totally accurate if your respondents use VPN services.

  • The answers and their percentage for choice questions: On the statistics page, you can view how people interacted with each question.

  • Maximum, minimum, and average scores: If you use’s calculator feature, you can easily set scores for each answer. This area shows the min, max, and average scores and gives you a basic idea of how well people performed. 

Besides statistics, you can access other information about the form responses. Make sure to check our articles for Results & Statistics and take a look at the results page yourself.