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Short Text Field

A short text field is the best option for open-ended questions. It is a basic yet perfect method used in most surveys and forms. Let’s look a little closer and see how & why you should use a short text question in your forms. 

What is a short text field?

A short text is a specific form field to be used when the visitors have to type their answers manually. As its name suggests, a short text is a perfect solution for short answers. If you believe that your guest can or should write more, you may consider adding a long text field to your forms.

What does a short text field offer?

You have several options once you add a short text to your form and ask your question. With only a couple of clicks, you can:

  • Set limits for minimum and maximum length for answers
  • Choose a default answer in case the question goes unanswered by the visitor
  • Insert your custom placeholder
  • Get value from URL and make it unchangeable or hidden (see more about this option)
  • Make the question required for submission
  • Upload an image or a video 

For questions requiring more detailed answers, you may also prefer a long text field. You can learn more about the long text field by visiting the following article.

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