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Notion Integration

Notion is a great note-taking software that allows you to create lists, databases, activity plans, and more. But doing all these manually can be time-consuming and tiring

By integrating your forms with Notion, you can save form responses to a Notion database. Here is what you have to do:

How to integrate your forms with a Notion database

Connecting your forms with Notion is a simple process and takes only a few steps to complete. You can repeat the steps below to send form responses to your Notion database automatically.

1  - Once you are done with your form, go to “Integrations” and find Notion;

2  - Press the connect button and enter your credentials;

3  - Select which notion pages you want to use and authorize access;


Please note that you can only send information to databases and lists.

4  - Add Notion properties from the database and pair them up with your form fields;

5  - That’s it! You can now test your integration to see if it works as intended.