Tips & question examples for Saas customer surveys

Feb 04, 2022 6 min read
Tips & question examples for Saas customer surveys

Defne Çobanoğlu

When you want happy customers, you can only achieve this by giving people what they want. Customers stay loyal to your company when they are completely satisfied. But how can you know what your customers want? By asking them with a survey, of course. 

Customer surveys are a key to learning about your customers’ thoughts and whether they like your service or not. You can easily achieve this knowledge by using one of the free online survey templates. is a web survey creator and free of charge. For example, using a customer satisfaction survey template is a great way to ask for client feedback and deliver their wishes. When you improve your business, the customers will see that you care for their experience and change accordingly. They will be convinced to stay for more.

What does Saas stand for?

Saas stands for software as a service. It is a service where instead of installing and maintaining software to your computer you can simply access it via an internet browser. In this web-based model, software vendors can host and maintain the servers, databases, and application codes.

How to increase Saas customer success

When it comes to Saas companies, customer satisfaction is crucial. It is essential to ask about their customer experience and what they expect later. The Saas industry is an ever-changing environment. And, a company that wants to succeed should be open to change. Therefore, you need to be aware of the market and keep asking your customers what they want more. For that, you will need a survey creator (free and online).

A Saas company is not about selling a product or service. It is mostly about positive customer experience and maintaining that positive experience. You need to ask for feedback on different aspects to achieve this goal. Free survey generator, helps you create excellent customer satisfaction surveys.

5 tips when creating Saas customer surveys offers a variety of useful templates, and you may use more than one to obtain feedback. But let us say you choose to use the customer needs survey template to collect feedback on your service. It is quite an effective one indeed. However, it is possible to assure even more advantages by following these 5 tips.

Use metrics

Using one of the customer surveys are quite helpful to see inside the minds of your clients. Achieving meta-knowledge and generalizing with useful metrics will surely help your process. When you use one of the two metrics (or maybe both) you can achieve clear results. 

The first method is for evaluating the chances of your clients to recommend your business to others. And it is called Net Promoter Score or NPS. The other method is for evaluating the easiness to use your products or customer services. And it is called Customer Effort Score or CES. To have more information on customer surveys and how to create them visit today!

Ask questions to take actions

Good customer experience passes by word of mouth. That means when a client is pleased with your service, they will mention it to their friends. So, when you ask for feedback, be prepared to take action accordingly. Because, when you do so, one improved customer satisfaction results in even more positive outcomes. To learn more about how to create feedback forms to collect the best insights you can check out!

Make sure to collect contact information 

After receiving feedback, doing some follow-ups leaves a good mark. You can leave a good impression on your survey takers. That way, you can even manage lead generation after reaching out to them. Lead capture is one of the practical steps to help you succeed in your business.

Use conditions feature

You can use conditions future on settings easily. You can even set comment fields on choice questions. The survey takers can add optional feedback after they make their choice. That will help go into detail on issues.

Choose a professional (and appealing) design 

You should choose a professional design to get more responses from your customers. If they find the survey appealing, they are more likely to take the time to respond. The more responses you get, the more data you collect.

Question examples for your customer surveys

Spotting the issue is the first step in fixing it. However, noticing any problems as a company working in a very flexible market could be difficult. Because that said problem may not be your mistake. It is because the Saas business world is constantly changing. And, you need to change with it. 

By using a free survey maker online such as you can measure customer satisfaction and adapt yourself. Here are some customer satisfaction survey questions to help you better understand your customers’ needs. And you will be able to present a great customer experience. The questions are:

1 - What can we do better?

This is a very general question. And it is a great one for many reasons. The person filling out the survey will feel comfortable answering this question as it does not specify anything. You may be able to become aware of an issue that you did not think to ask about.

2 - What features do you want to see next?

This question allows you to expand your horizon on what the market needs. You can get a good idea of what you should improve. By asking an open-ended question on this matter, you can spot the issue by seeing a pattern.

3 - What challenges in your life convinced you to sign up for our Saas product?

This question will let you know about the issues your customers are facing in life. If you can get a general idea of why your clients choose to sign up for your Saas product, you can focus on those features. You can also achieve more details by using a product research survey template.

4 - Were you able to complete the purpose of your visit?

With this question, you can learn the purpose of your clients’ visit and if they found what they were looking for. If their expectations are not met, you might think to make proper adjustments.

5 - What are the main reasons that might make you consider stopping using our product?

The answers to this question will tell you about the product or service you should focus on. You can choose to improve that feature or try to maintain it. You can try to maintain the customer loyalty you collected (For more targeted survey question examples, check out these restaurant survey questions).

Get started now

Your service could be tremendously successful. However, as the competition in the market is quite fierce, you should be open to change. If as a Saas company you can not keep up with shifts in demands you can not stay thriving. To get accurate feedback easily with a form you embed on your page or use a survey to obtain data, check out how to improve your business with a web form.

With the help of a free survey creator such as and using these smart questions, improving your Saas company will be very effortless. Afterwards, you can decide on new improvements with ease of mind.


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