Inspirations's Intercom integration is here: Handle support and deals more easily

Nov 25, 2022 2 min read's Intercom integration is here: Handle support and deals more easily

Salim Dın

Integrations with other tools are an essential part of every business nowadays. They help reduce menial and repetitive work, in addition to allowing other possibilities. For these reasons,’s development team is working hard to bring more integrations. Today, we are announcing our Intercom integration for a better customer communication workflow.

What does the Intercom integration offer?

Intercom is a conversation platform where your support team can answer customer questions asynchronously or in real-time. It is a very popular tool in this area and is used by many large companies.

There is, of course, room for improvement in Intercom. It would be so great if you could create conversations or contacts for every response you get with a contact form. And that is what this integration offers. 

If you are an Intercome user, you can now integrate your forms with Intercom and create contacts & conversations automatically from form responses.

How to create conversations and contacts with form responses

Setting up the Intercom integration is quite a simple process and takes only a few seconds the complete. Simply follow the steps below, and you will be able to start using it instantly.

1  - Make sure you are done with the editing of your form and go to “Settings”, then “Integrations”;

* * *

2  - Click the connect button next to Intercom and log in to your account;

* * *

3  - Now it’s time to pair up your form fields with the Intercom properties;

* * *

4  - Simply click on “Add New Property” to pair new properties if you collect additional information in your form.

* * *

5  - If you want to create new contacts on Intercom, make sure to click on the checkbox below.

* * *

6  - This is all it takes. Now you can test your integration to see if it works

Have any suggestions?

If you have a must-have tool for your business and think it would be great to integrate it with, tell us about it! We are constantly working to make new integrations available for our users and decide on new ones based on our experiences and, most importantly, your feedback. Stay tuned, and always feel free to let us know which integrations you want next!