Reach your target audience: 4 simple ways to get more survey respondents

May 26, 2021 3 min read
Reach your target audience: 4 simple ways to get more survey respondents Team

Getting survey respondents is a compelling piece of work. Indeed, it is the most challenging thing cited by those who conduct survey-based research. Also, like the algorithms and rules on social media changes, this challenge has been pronounced more than ever lately. So how can you get more respondents for your surveys? Here are 4 simple ways that will help you in your search for survey participants!

Create an easy-to-answer survey for more respondents

This is the first step you need to take before trying to reach more people and get more survey respondents. You should ensure that your survey is literally easy and hassle-free for your target group of respondents. For example, what we see in many cases is that surveys ask for an e-mail address and without any information about the purpose. When people come across such surveys, they generally tend not to complete them let alone sharing with others. Eventually, this affects the completion rates in a bad way.

Send a catchy e-mail to your subscribers

According to many previous cases, sending a catchy e-mail to ask people to complete your survey seems to be one of the best ways to receive more responses. You can surely send a link to your survey via your newsletter or other mailing stuff. However, it is a fact that when you deliver exclusively written mail about your survey, you are more likely to receive more responses. 

Another way to send a catchy e-mail and ask your subscribers to complete your survey is to include their e-mail in your automated e-mail queue. This way can be one of the most effective ones in terms of not failing to reach your new subscribers as your mail will be delivered automatically. 

Find at least one distribution partner

If you do not have a list that is large enough or a list of people whose opinions you would like to find out, you can establish a partnership with someone who has the large and engaging audience you are searching for. Finding an individual or a company that has the power to reach the target audience you would like to reach and reaching people will surely bring you the number of responses you are looking for. What you will give to these individuals or companies in return is up to you – sometimes it might be a quotation in the final research and sometimes data sharing.

Get personal to reach your target audience

The last way that we suggest you while reaching your target audience is by getting personal which means contacting people in your personal network, asking them to take part in, and share your survey. You can contact them by:

  • Sending personal e-mails to people in your contacts who are relevant to that survey
  • Tagging people to your posts in which you share your survey on social media
  • Sending direct messages via social media

Also, it is very important to reach them out once and do not make them feel uncomfortable by making their inboxes or direct message boxes full of your mails. 

By following these ways, you will surely receive more survey respondents in your future surveys. And, if you would like to present beautiful surveys to your target audience, try’s free survey maker now!


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