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Collect payments easily and securely’s spectacular Payment form field allows you to collect payments or receive donations through fast and secure online payment processors. Whether you build an e-Commerce form or a booking form, you can add a payment field into your forms and receive payments for your services.

Fast and Secure

You can add a payment field to your form and connect your favorite processor within just a couple of minutes. Once you integrate with a processor, you can start distributing your forms and receiving payment instantly. As any payment made or received through PayPal and Stripe will be World-standard safe, you will be presenting a safe payment method to your customers.

Let Submitter Set The Amount

As well as the option of setting a fixed price, you can let your submitters write down an amount and pay. This option is primarily suitable for donation forms and some payments that involve price change often.

No Need For Coding

Like all the other things you can do on, you don’t need to have any coding skill to add a payment field and start collecting payments. Easily add a payment field, choose which processors to use or integrate both PayPal and Stripe, start collecting payments right away.