Employment forms: Types, examples, and best practices

Mar 03, 2022 7 min read
Employment forms: Types, examples, and best practices

Salim Dın

From job applications to employee requests, dealing with all kinds of employment-related topics manually can be time-consuming and inefficient. Not to mention, it, most of the time, results in wasting the limited workforce and getting so little at the end. That’s why seeking automation with forms is always a wise choice for businesses. And now, you can use online forms to have a simpler workflow.

As a powerful form builder, brings all the practical features and templates together to offer an extensive solution for automation. So, the online employment forms will handle the laborious and repetitive parts while you can enjoy your time and review the responses. Integrating online form into your business enables you to work more efficiently and get jobs done effortlessly!

How can you use employment forms in your business?

For businesses, it is practical to use online employment forms in many situations. For example, you can create a job application form to collect applications for an open position. By offering a sample employment application form, makes this process faster and easier for you. Further, you can customize your form to the fullest extent and ask all the necessary questions in a convenient manner.

In addition to employment application forms, there are multiple areas where you can utilize online forms for working faster. Also, reporting, collecting information, and getting feedback with forms will help your business to become more professional and boost cooperation. So, using online forms will increase productivity and assist everyone, especially hiring managers and human resources, to work more effectively.

5 Types of employment forms (and free templates 😉)

Employment forms can play a huge role in businesses and be used for many purposes. Luckily, provides all the required features to customize your forms according to your preferences and offers free employment templates for a faster process. These employment form examples, such as a job application template or time off request form template, includes general question you may need and come with a professional design. So, check out the employment form types below and choose a suitable template for your online form.

Job application forms

One of the most common uses of employment forms is job applications. And there is a quite valid reason for this; they are simply practical and help you select the right person for the right job position. By creating an employment application form for free, you can add your own questions to learn more about the applicant, ask for phone numbers to contact them later, and collect resumes for further inspection. 

On, you can create professional job application forms with free templates to accept applications online. Moreover, you can collect the necessary information about them while doing so. For example, it is possible to add questions for military service, employment history, their available starting date, or current employment status. View’s free job application form templates or simply select one below to start creating your form today.

Employee evaluation forms

Aside from a smoother hiring process, you can use online employment forms to evaluate employees or collect feedback from them. Evaluation practices will keep your company in shape and act as a kind of detector. By creating an online evaluation form, you will be able to find weak and strong points and work on them. 

Elon Musk, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States, puts it this way: “I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.” So, check out these free templates to create feedback forms to collect the best insights and have a quicker evaluation process.

Employee information forms

An employee information form is a document used to collect information about an employee. They are often used for background checks on new hires. And they provide vital facts about the employee and helps managers track vital data about the individuals who work for their company. Using an employee information form, you can collect personal information, educational background, and other details about employees. See’s great templates and start collecting employee data now.

Request forms

When an employee requests time off, the office manager needs to keep track of the requests so that staff numbers can be adjusted if necessary. An employee request form is a document that helps you collect any type of employee request. According to your goals, you can create a general request form or make it more detailed and object-oriented. 

Thanks to employee request forms, it is possible to learn about the request in a written format, the length of time they will be away, or if it costs anything. Then, you can simply contact them via calling, emailing, or meeting in person to reject or approve their requests.

Employee report forms

Employee report forms are documents that are used to record the details of an event, such as a training session, meeting, project, or behaviors. As with other report forms, these will come in handy in many aspects. For example, managers can keep track of the details of different types of events, such as staff meetings, sales, or other work-related actions by using employee report forms. Employees can also use reports to file a complaint or report inappropriate behaviors. Create an employee report form and always stay updated.

Awesome tips for creating better employment forms

It is crystal clear that employment forms will make things better. But there are also a few things to do to create better employment forms. So, you can make more powerful forms by following these simple tips. While your form questions and form design will surely differ according to the employment form type, you can apply these points to most form types. Without any delay, let us look at them and see how to create forms on

  • Use the right question types
  • Choose a professional and relevant design
  • Explain the steps clearly
  • Enable notifications
  • Always collect contact information for follow-ups


Employment forms are an important part of the hiring process. They help employers document new employees' information, and can be used to collect requests and reports. In this article, we've discussed the different types of employment forms, provided examples, and explained best practices for using them. provides a wide variety of free form templates that you can use in your business. We hope you find these helpful in streamlining your business processes!


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