Hotel Reservation Form Template

There is no need to struggle with complicated and expensive reservation software anymore. With, now you can easily use an online hotel reservation form template and customize it for your company’s needs.

Hotel Reservation Form Template


What is an online hotel reservation form?

A hotel reservation form is a great way for hotel managers to accept room reservations online.

It is quite effortless to create a hotel reservation form and add it to your website. We are offering you countless colorful themes and useful features in the best form builder tool out there. With our customization options, you can make your form interesting and stand out amongst your rivals while obtaining the required information easily.

What do hotel reservation forms do?

Do you want to receive online hotel reservations from your customers? By using this online hotel reservation form sample, you can collect information about your customers’ names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, arrival dates, and times. Moreover, your customers can remark on their special requests in the ‘notes’ section of the form. Thanks to’s hotel reservation form, your customers can easily make a booking.

With the professionally designed online hotel reservation form, make the reservation works effortless for your customers. hotel reservation forms not only ease gathering information but also helps you to manage and organize the responses for your form more efficiently.

Our users can change the hotel reservation form template in the form creator tool to fit their needs. Just as you can choose the one you like among our default hotel reservation forms, it is also possible to customize your form. Waste no time and try out our booking form templates!

Hotel reservation form essentials

You can specify the content of the hotel reservation forms regarding your company’s needs. Anyhow, these are the main fields that should be added in to create a hotel reservation form;

  • Customer’s full name
  • Contact number
  • Arrival Date
  • Arrival Time
  • Pickup Address
  • Destination Address

Apart from this essential information, you can add extra elements to your hotel reservation form. These fields can be for the payment option, room type, departure dates, reservation request, etc.

How can I customize my hotel reservation form?

There are lots of options to customize your form, whether about design, color, or content. It is up to you to create the most suitable registration form for your company. Make sure to check out our guides and follow the following tips for creating better forms.

Specify the view of your form — You can choose between the list view and step view options. In the list view, form fields are shown as a list; in the step view, each field is shown on a different page.

Embellish your form with numerous themes — A little bit of color and pattern might make a pleasant impact on everyone. You can beautify your online form with cherry, navy blue, pistachio, or vintage themes. In fact, we provide animated themes such as lava lamp, clouds, galaxy and gradient.

Don’t want to use the default themes? — We also offer an alternative to customize form design as you please. You can specify the general border-radius and the colors of questions, answers, background, input, and borders separately. Moreover, by clicking the form background image option, you can search for wallpapers or add a file from your computer.

Choose whom you want to share your form with — Aside from the social media platforms like WhatsAppFacebook, and Twitter, you can share your form via email or URL

We value your privacy preferences — You can change your form’s privacy settings to determine who can view the form. There are options like public, unlisted, limited, and private.

Analyze your results after publishing your form — In the results section, you can examine your form’s statistics and responses to see the details of your online form.

If you like to show a price estimate when people submit their answers, you can easily do so on Thanks to’s calculator feature, you can assign a value or a score to each option and show the total result at the end. 

Displaying an automatically calculated estimate is a helpful tool as it provides potential customers with an idea of the cost based on their answers. If they are satisfied with the estimated price, they can contact you to obtain an exact quote and request your services.

You have a variety of options for sharing your forms on For example, you can simply use the form URL and paste it on your Instagram bio, website, or anywhere else. Or you can create a QR code for your form and use it both digitally and physically. And lastly, you can easily embed your form on a web page. Read our guides on sharing options to learn more.

An estimate is an approximate price of a service or product. A given estimate is generally based on material costs, labor costs, and other details. 

On, you can easily create an online form to automatically show a price estimate upon data entry.

While quotes and estimates refer to similar matters, they have slightly different meanings:

An estimate is an educated guess for a price based on work details, such as required labor, duration, and materials. On the other hand, a quote refers to an exact price for a service or product. 

An estimate and an invoice have a few, yet important differences. An estimate refers to an approximate price proposal for a service given before the job gets started. In contrast, an invoice is a bill for clients to pay once the job is started or finished.