Free Online Research Survey Templates

Research surveys provide a great way for businesses, educational purposes, social sciences, and even health care. You can gather feedback from selected groups to create systematic and well-rounded data on a particular subject. You can make knowledgeable judgments about everything from marketing strategies to product development using research surveys.

Research Surveys

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What is a research survey?

A research survey is a method to gather fast information on popular subjects and carry out a more careful and complete statistical research methodology. Most surveys have a series of prepared questions that are asked of every respondent in order to collect information on their beliefs, habits, experiences, and other factors.

Types of research methods

There are different types of survey research methods, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Using online surveys for your research gives you more flexibility with its low cost and fast nature, as it makes it easy to collect and it also makes it easier to classify the collected data. 

You can make a face to face interviews to conduct research, make phone calls to gather details, or send emails, but your emails might not be answered; face-to-face interviews might be costly, and you can't get the desired result with a phone call, but online surveys are low cost and easy to fill in and easy to share with

Why should you use an online survey for your research?

The online survey is one of the fastest methods of data collecting in the modern day's fast-moving internet era. The Internet is a helpful resource that helps to make the world a smaller place, but you can't find all the answers there. You need opinions and experiences. Even though the internet can not give you the desired opinions and experiences, it gives you a great way to achieve that data collection process with ease. 

Using powerful form builder, you can collect the desired data in any subject and use that information to evaluate your business, product, service, or project.’s easy-to-use interface and sharing options will help you to create and share your surveys without having any issues.

How to create better online surveys for research

In order to get more accurate responses, you should pay great attention to what to ask and where to ask. To create better online research surveys, you must make them clear, short, and relevant. Deciding on your topic and choosing the right words and questions are essential. 

Depending on your research topic, you must make a decision about your research method first. Is it going to be quantitive or qualitative? What will be your approach and style? To learn more, you can read how to ask quantitative survey questions article on Here are some important details to make better survey questions:

  • Keep your survey questions short
  • Make sure to have an engaging design
  • Be sure your questions are unique and relevant
  • Inform the responder about your research objective
  • Avoid assumptions and leading questions

How can research survey templates help you?

Research survey templates can be incredibly helpful in a number of ways. For one, they allow you to start your research project faster, as you don't have to spend time building a survey from scratch. Additionally, survey templates make it easy to conduct research, as they provide a pre-made structure and question format to follow. 

They are also cost-effective, as you can use a template multiple times and make small adjustments to fit your research needs. To sum up, here are the advantages of using a research survey template for your survey:

  • Easy to do
  • Cost-effective
  • Speed up the survey-creation process

Best ways to ask questions in a research survey

It is important to ask the question correctly, offers many question types for this. Including different types of questions can help you to gather well-rounded answers, and you can gather multiple layered answers for your research topic by this means. Here are useful question types you can use in your research surveys:

  • Start rating: It can be used for the Likert scale, which helps you get a quick response.
  • Long text: One of the finest solutions for open-ended questions is a long text field. You can include this to have lengthy responses.  
  • Short text: The ideal solution for open-ended questions is a short text field. You can use this question type to have short answers.
  • Opinion scale: Visitors can express their ideas on a topic by selecting a number from an opinion scale in a form field.
  • Dropdown selection field: You can use a dropdown field to add varieties to your form questions. 
  • Picture selection: You can also allow survey responders to make a decision between pictures which can be useful in your research. 

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