Product Research Survey Template

If you plan to introduce a product to the market, doing market research is a must to ensure success. With a product research survey, you will know the issues people are having and see if your product can provide a better solution. Use the free product research survey template on to understand the market needs today!

Product Research Survey Template


Why use a product research survey?

There are many factors that affect the success of new products, such as consumer needs, supply, demand, marketing, etc. Therefore, it is only logical to do concept testing and product research before launching a product. This way, you will be able to:

  • Learn more about the target market
  • See how much market share you  can get
  • Have a great chance to provide a better customer experience
  • Improve your product or service

How to create a better product research survey?

As features of products change from industry to industry, survey questions in a product research survey may vary according to the industry, product, or target audience as well. However, considering some tips and tricks, you can create a survey form that is both functional and professional.

  • Focus on key issues: In order to see what the market wants, focus on key issues and find what is missing out with the current products. This will help you evaluate the situation better and give you a good chase of improving your product or service.
  • Keep your product research survey short and simple: More often than not, people avoid long surveys because they think it will take a long time and probably be boring. Not surprisingly, this can be the case sometimes. So, make your form as simple as possible to encourage people to participate in your evaluation survey.
  • Use clear language and an unbiased tone in your questions: When writing or editing the survey questions, using clear language and an objective tone will give you more accurate results and honest answers. This is especially true if you are describing product features or functionality. The more accurate results you get, the higher your chance of achieving success.
  • Have a professional and engaging design: As is stated earlier, people do not want to spend their time with boring questionnaires. So, the best thing to do is create an engaging and eye-catching design to attract more people to your product research survey. You can use’s product research survey template to get an idea and advanced features to create an outstanding survey form.

How to customize your product research survey for your needs?

The product research survey template on includes general questions about the market and products. With a minimal amount of tweaking and editing, you can use the survey with ease. But why not customize it to satisfy all your needs and expectations? By using the advanced and user-friendly options on, you can make your product research survey truly yours.
Simply change questions and field types according to the data you like to get and design it to make it more professional. For example, you may choose open-ended questions for detailed answers or star rating fields to get an exact score. After selecting the questionnaire template, you can also add your logo for a better representation of your company.’s ready-to-use market research survey templates will help you create online surveys and automate the data collection process instantly! AI is a smart AI assistant and an AI form generator that helps you create forms simply by typing what you want. So AI is an AI form builder powered by ChatGPT and generates a unique form just for your needs.
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