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Field Types

Online forms are all about making your job easier and more convenient. In order to fully achieve this goal, provides many field types that you can use for various purposes. Learn which fields are the best for your forms and relax while your online form does the work for you.

Text fields

Text fields are a great way to ask open-ended questions and let your respondents enter the answers manually. To help you with this process, offers seven distinctive fields for collecting responses in the text format. Visit the text fields article and learn more about them now.

Choice questions

Choice questions are a simple and elegant way for any type of survey or form. Your visitors will simply select one of the answers and move on to the following field. Discover all the choice fields now and choose the best choice question for your forms.


Booking, order, or registration forms, all require you to collect date and time data from your visitors. That’s the reason why developers offer you separate form fields for them. Check out date&time fields to start collecting time and date related data.


Numbers provide you with certain information and allow you to run some statistics. takes this to the next level and provides you with additional features with a number field. Learn more about it by visiting our article on the number field.

Sales fields helps you sell your products online by offering powerful sales fields. The product basket field allows you to list your items in an advanced way and easily the payment field enables collecting payments and donations. To learn more about selling with online forms, please visit the articles about the related fields and the article on how to collect online payments.

File/image upload

If you are looking for a way to collect files and images from an audience, got you covered in that matter, as well. By simply adding a file upload field or an image upload field to your forms, you can allow your visitors to upload files. 

Design elements

Engaging forms, surveys, or quizzes usually get you more responses and attention. That’s why provides advanced customization features and design elements to add your forms. You can use the separation field to create different parts in your forms, explain some details by adding an explanation field, or populate your form with images by using the image content field. Visit the related articles and learn more about design elements and form design now.