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Create free registration forms online with’s beautiful ready-to-use templates and customize them with an intuitive form creator. The forms that you create will be completely mobile-friendly. Create an online registration form free of charge now.

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What is an online registration form template?

An online registration form template is any form template that is ready-prepared to be used for registration purposes. These forms may vary from membership forms, sign-up forms, and event registration forms to summer camp registration forms. 

You can quickly start with one of these templates that fits your requirements best and customize them. Or, you can simply use them to get inspiration and create a form from scratch to create your own type of registration form.

How to create registration forms from samples?

On, you can choose which registration form you want to use and get started with that one by clicking on the “Use Template” button. Once you start with a template, you can always customize it in any way you like. Simply follow the steps below to create your best registration form:

  1. Click on the ‘Use Template’ button of any template or start from a blank page.
  2. Add new form fields or modify existing ones.
  3. Customize your registration form design on the ‘Design’ tab. 
  4. Adjust your general form settings, such as notifications. 

Now you are ready to publish your form and collect registrations. Also, you can generate an embed code and put your form on your website or landing pages with full responsiveness on every type of device. 

How to customize our registration form template design?

You can literally put your form into any shape and format with an advanced form designer that has. You can switch to the “Design” tab right after getting done with your form’s structure and customize how your form looks in many different ways. With this designer tab, you can:

  • Choose your form layout along with one of many ready-made form themes
  • Customize many different design elements on the “Customize” tab. These may be colors, form titles, fonts, and any detail that comes to your mind!
  • With the custom CSS tab, you can write down codes and take your form design to a higher level. 

Register people with ease

Registration forms help you to collect any data, such as contact information. With many special form fields such as full name, email address, date, and phone number, you can quickly collect any information about your customers or event attendees. Moreover, you can export these registrations in various file formats or integrate your forms with third-party applications such as Google Sheets to export data in a timely manner.

Create landing page-friendly registration forms

Generating leads? It’s easy with You can put a form that you created on on your website with an embed code. You just need to get done with your form’s structure and design before that. Once you are all set to go, you can go to the “Share” tab and copy the embed code after adjusting the iFrame’s size and paste it into your website HTML. 

Integrating registration forms with databases is also another big pain point when it comes to collecting data. Nevertheless, with is integrated with many database applications such as MongoDB and MySQL through Zapier; it’s as simple as just a few clicks.

Take advantage of an organized results page

If you are collecting information for more simple reasons, you can simply store and monitor your data in our well-organized “Results” section. There you can see all the responses you collected in two different layouts, such as the classic table and advanced responses view. You can monitor and track your responses here in real-time. You can also download each response in PDF file format. 

Collect data securely

As a data collection tool, operates under European Union’s general data protection regulations (GDPR). This means that the data you collect through your forms on will always be only accessible by yourself. You will be entitled to be forgotten and get your data deleted completely when you opt-out. Still, we prepare you to stay with us forever! :)

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