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Recruitment Application Form Template

An online recruitment application form helps collect necessary information for employment applications. With an application form, candidates can easily share their information, such as employment history, social security number, or phone number, and apply for an open position in the businesses. Make the hiring process easier by using’s recruitment application form template

Recruitment Application Form Template


What is a recruitment application form?

A recruitment application form is a document that employers can use to collect information about their potential employees, such as contact information, previous employment details, and so on. Similar to other job application forms, it is used to evaluate candidates and select suitable ones for the interview process. 

Why use an online recruitment application form?

Sometimes, hiring for a job can be a tiring process. Also, doing all the paperwork can take your valuable time. But luckily, provides an excellent solution for you. With a recruitment application form sample, you can create your form in a couple of minutes and start accepting applications online.

An online recruitment application form will save you from any paperwork and additional workload. Since the employment application form provides a standard layout for the candidates, you will have well-organized answers. That’s why by creating online job applications, you can compare the applications more easily than ever. This will shorten the review period and save you a great deal of time. Lastly, you can collect additional documents about criminal history, military service, or drug tests with an online job application form.

How to create a great recruitment application form?

Application forms can tell a lot about your business and affect the hiring process greatly. That is why you should consider including some common features in your recruitment application form to make it outstanding.

  • Make sure to ask all the necessary questions for a proper background check: Picking the right person for the job is crucial. And the best way of doing this is by running a background check. With an online recruitment application form, you can add or edit fields to collect information about the candidates. For example, after selecting the application form sample, you can add a field for background check consent to make sure they provide honest answers or a cover letter to learn their motives.
  • Have a professional design: How your form looks may affect many aspects of the application process. With an elaborate design, you will both show that you value your work and have a good impression on people.
  • Add a field for uploading CV and certificates: Thanks to a recruitment application form, you can ask for the information that is not in resumes. But asking every question can make the form too long and detailed. That is why, after selecting the recruitment application form template, you can easily add an upload field and collect resumes or additional documents. 
  • Enable automated emails for submissions: After a form is submitted, you can send candidates a notification email about their application. This way, they will know you have successfully received the application.

How to edit your recruitment application form? provides you with the perfect recruitment application form template and various customization options. So, you can either use the form template to collect general information for hiring or edit the questions and layout to have your custom form. You can easily add or remove new questions on the edit page. Also, you will be able to arrange their order and add conditions for certain questions. 

After the editing, you can head to the design menu for further customization. offers many free themes for your form. You can select one of them to have a professional-looking form or apply different options manually and easily. With, having an engaging form takes only a matter of seconds. Once you have finished, click the eye button to preview how your form will look on other devices.

How to review the applications? helps you review the applications faster. On the results page, you will be able to see the responses one by one and easily compare them. This way, you will work more efficiently and save time. Also, allows you to download the records with a few simple clicks. Simply create your form by using’s free recruitment application form template and hire the best employee for the job!

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