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Damage Report Form Template

An online damage report form is a document to record damages and losses to have detailed information about the incident. By using’s free damage report form template, you can start collecting damage reports immediately after an incident occurs!

Damage Report Form Template


Why should you use an online damage report form?

Incidents do happen. But when they happen, you have to record and analyze them to be prepared for the future. And to be able to do that, you will need a damage report form. This way, you will be able to know what has caused the incident, how much your losses are, and what you can do about it to avoid this incident later on. 

However, it can be too late to record all the details with a traditional damage report form. And the papers can’t be available in some cases. That’s why an online damage report form will prove more useful than other alternatives. People can open the online damage report form on their phones or PCs right after the incident. Further, it is possible to attach photos or videos of the incident for better documentation.

Some uses of online damage report forms

A damage report form can be used for many occasions and businesses. Whether you run a hotel or have a big workplace, some incidents may cause equipment or property damage or loss. When that happens, you will need an effective solution to capture details about the incident or the person involved in it. By creating a form with’s damage report form template, you can achieve that and more.

  • Property damage in rental services: If you rent cars, rooms, or other items to people, it always has the risk of being damaged or lost. To record these damages, using an online damage report form seems to be the best option as people who caused the damage or rental office workers can fill out the form and upload some scene photos anywhere and at any time.
  • Equipment damage at the workplace: Even if nobody expects or wants them, incidents occur at the workplace. After you create your form with the incident report form template, you will be able to learn the cause, what type of incident it was, and who the witnesses were. This way, you may take necessary actions according to the situation.
  • Missing items at offices: Ever wondered what to do about items gone missing at offices? An online damage report form may be a great solution to determine the costs of missing items (if someone has them), possibly find who, and prevent items from being lost in the future.


How to create a good damage report form?’s damage report form template comes with a necessary set of questions for general damages. That means you can use the damage report form template for many situations in your business. But if you use a specific item for your work or if you want to add standard options for damage types, you can easily do so by using’s user-friendly editing features. Also, you can consider some points to create a better form for your business type.

  • Add damage type options: The damage report form template includes standard questions regarding the damaged properties. And you can add a dropdown selection at the top and create conditions for the options. In other words, show some specific questions (if any) after the person chooses a damage type at the end. This will allow you to collect reports in one form and sort the records more easily.
  • Ask for an exact date, time, and location: It is important that you have accurate information about the damaged equipment. By asking about the exact time, place, and persons, you will have a better understanding of the situation.
  • Include a section for witnesses: When a property or equipment is damaged by some customer or worker, some people might be around and see how it has happened. With the statements of witnesses, you can make your decisions more precisely. Also, by collecting the contact information of witnesses, you will be able to contact them about that issue later.
  • Add an upload field: Unlike a traditional damage report form, an online form will allow people to upload photos or videos of the event. With a picture of the incident, you can easily find who is responsible and estimate the costs of repairs.


How to use an online damage report form effectively?

Once you have created your form via’s free damage report form template, you will need to add some options to use the form effectively. First, you may try to make the form available no matter what. This way, if something has happened at your rental business or room, people will submit a form much shorter and easier. 

Another thing you should consider is asking for a detailed description of the event and, if possible, photos of the damaged property. You can enable notifications to know instantly when equipment has been damaged at the workplace. Share the online damage request form on social media, send it via email, embed it into your website, or print it as a QR code to hang a flyer with it at your workplace.

How to customize your damage request form? offers you a general report form template and numerous handy features to customize your form as you want it. On the edit page, you will easily add new fields, change the existing ones, or remove them. Once you have added all the required questions, head to the customization menu to change how your form will look. 

On the customization menu, you can either choose from one of the free themes or apply the changes manually. You can also use the design of the damage report form template without any changes. Before saving, press the eye button to see if the form looks good on other devices, especially on mobile phones.

How to review your records?

Once a form is submitted, you will be able to open the details on’s responses page. There, it is possible to view the records both individually and as a list. This way, you can calculate the total cost and take action or plan a working schedule accordingly. Also, downloading the records is possible with only a few clicks. Creating your form with’s free damage report form template and having an effective online solution is easy as pie!

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