9 great customer survey statistics that will help you improve your surveys

Aug 08, 2022 6 min read
9 great customer survey statistics that will help you improve your surveys

Atakan Efe

In today's world, the main focus of businesses and organizations has been: how to provide a better customer experience. One of the best ways to measure this customer experience is through customer surveys. With the valuable data collected from these surveys, you can improve yourself and stand out from other businesses.

This article aims to show why you should give importance to surveys with statistics compiled from various sources. That's why this article will help you in detail to catch some points you may have missed, whether you have prepared surveys before or you will be preparing a survey for the first time.

What is a customer survey?

Online customer surveys are a method of collecting customer feedback. Usually, an organization or business asks their customers to fill it out via e-mail, website, or application. These forms are prepared by asking different questions on subjects such as customer satisfaction and provide various benefits to businesses.

9+ customer survey statistics you need to know

As of 2022, businesses and organizations have increased their budget considerably to examine customer survey data. Thanks to this increase in budgets, it is seen that there has been an increase in their earnings as a result of the analyzed feedback.

1  - If the respondents are less-targeted, if the contact information is untrustworthy, or if there is little or no motivation to respond, response rates can drop below 2%. (PeoplePulse)

➡️ You can create a form in and use an explanation field on the edit page. It is possible to write your contact information here, and you can use the integrations and show Whatsapp and FB Messenger buttons on the form.

2  - The median survey response rate is 26.45%, and the average survey response rate (sample size of fewer than 1,000 recipients) is 41.21%. Large invitation lists are known for their lower response rates. It is essential to use as attentive and high-quality e-mail lists as possible. (PeoplePulse)

➡️ You can target a specific group by sharing your survey on social media or a website. If you want to get more submissions, you can check our blog post to learn practical tips.

3  - It will be beneficial for you to keep your surveys as short as possible. Data indicates that if a respondent starts answering a survey, each time the number of questions increases, there is a high increase in the respondent's drop-off rate, up to 15 questions. And if they are willing to fill up to 15 questions, it is seen that the respondents do not drop off as much as they drop off in the first 15 questions, up to 35 questions. (SurveyMonkey)

➡️ You can use conditions to show only relevant questions to your respondents. Doing so will let them get all the sufficient information they need without making your survey too long.

4  - Customer-oriented businesses are 60% more profitable than businesses that are not. (Forbes)

➡️ If you want to learn more about customer needs, you can create a customer satisfaction survey at For more detailed information and learn how to create your own survey, you can check our article on creating a customer satisfaction survey.

5  - Eighty-seven percent of shoppers began their search in digital channels in 2019. It was just 71% in 2018. (Salesforce)

➡️ has over 350+ forms, surveys, and quizzes as samples. Quote forms and market research surveys will help you in the digital market. For example, with quote forms, your customers can quickly get information from you via the form instead of wandering around your site for hours looking for prices.

6  - According to 2021 data, a vast majority (85%) of customers say it’s crucial to be able to share feedback with companies whose products or services they buy. They also trust that companies will act on their feedback (61%). And when they give feedback, they are most likely to share their experiences by responding to post-purchase surveys. (SurveyMonkey)

➡️ If you search for feedback surveys in the templates section on site, you will find helpful templates that you can use. 

7  - If customers' problems and expectations are successfully and positively resolved during the first interaction, customer churn is reduced by 67%. (Kolsky)

➡️ Churn surveys are surveys that appear as pop-ups when customers return a product or service. With these surveys, you can find out why your customers left your business. After creating your survey, you can easily embed it on a pop-up page to show your customers.

8  - 69% of customers express that they want to interact with a bot on simple problems, a 23% increase from the previous year. (Zendesk)

➡️ Thanks to the automation features in the surveys you will create, your customers can solve their problems without contacting you.

9  - 66% of consumers state that they anticipate engaging with someone directly when contacting a company. (Zendesk)

➡️ You can start quickly with a contact form template where every important information is written, and if you want to add more information, you can add a question about it on the edit page.

Creating your own customer survey

After showing that the customer survey statistics are beneficial for you, you may now be considering preparing a customer survey and searching for the best survey creation sites. If you haven't created a customer survey before or want to create one, don't worry, you can create it with the best free survey tools, like here.

1  - Use a free template on or start from scratch

2  - Edit your form and add questions

3  - Customize the form design

4  - Share your form on any platform

As you can see, creating a form is quite a simple task. If you choose the right online form creation site, the simplicity of the work will increase even more and it will save you time in your other works. The following three templates are the most used customer surveys. You can make a quick start with templates right away:


In this article, you have been presented with important information about customer surveys by using the current data of the last years. You have learned how to use this data wisely and use it to your advantage and what actions would be appropriate for you to take. As a result of these recommendations, start preparing a customer survey now using one of the best survey websites for free!