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Association Membership Form Template

Collecting membership forms and reviewing them can be a tedious process for many. But has a great solution for association seniors. With an online association membership form template, the membership application process will be easier and straightforward for everyone!

Association Membership Form Template


Why should you use an online association membership application form?

Becoming a member of an association may help people and businesses in many ways. First of all, they will meet with other businesses, expand their network, and have a better chance to improve their work. To be able to do all these and more, they first have to join an association. Traditionally, they would go to the association office, fill out tons of papers, and at the end of the day, wait for some considerable time to learn the result of their application. 

Fortunately, provides you with a better and more efficient option. With the online membership form templates, you will be able to create your form in a short time and start collecting applications. Since people do not have to walk all the way to the offices and endure that time consuming-process, they will be pleased with your signup method. It will also save your time as it collects applications automatically and make the reviews easier for you. 

How to make your association membership form outstanding?

Generally, membership application forms include similar questions and fields, such as personal information (name, age), contact information (phone number, email), and organization details (office name and address). If the association collects fees for membership, you can also easily add a payment field for online transactions. 

Yet, there are also some points you may consider when creating your association membership form. This way, the prospective members will understand the registration process more clearly and complete it without any issues. Try these general steps and encourage more organizations to join the association.

  • Inform people about the qualification criteria: When collecting applications, it is best for both parties to know what criteria they have to consider. By adding this information on the form or your website, you will make sure that applicants are aware of your principles. If necessary, you can also add an external link for the terms.
  • Make sure to add the association name and logo: Adding your logo and name to your form is essential and should be one of the first things after selecting the association membership form template. It will show your professionalism and build trust between the association and the potential members.
  • Offer different payment options for membership fees: Joining an association provides some privileges to the member. In return, associations collect membership fees from their members. During the registrations, you can collect fees via PayPal & Stripe or debit & credit cards. Offering more than one option will benefit you greatly since it will make the registrations more available.
  • Add options for membership levels, if any: Some associations have membership levels to organize more effectively. By adding membership level options, organizations can select the fitting level for themselves and play more important roles in the events.

How to edit your association membership form?’s free form templates include all the required questions for a club membership process. But you may also change some parts to create a custom form for your organization. That is where’s user-friendly interface comes in. By the application, you will have a set of special options you can choose to make the form truly yours.

For example, you may add questions about their clinic and educational background when you accept members of a medical association. On the Edit page, you can add new fields, edit the existing ones or remove them. After selecting the association membership form sample, you will be surprised how quickly you will finish your form.

How to customize your association signup form?

“First impressions last.” You may have heard this many times before. And you may also witness that it is, most of the time, true. So, having an engaging and professional design will show people that the association values itself and its members. This way, the association will build a healthy connection with its future members.

This association membership form template has a simple and professional design you can use for your membership registration form. But that is not all! With, you will also have advanced customization options at your service. After creating the form content, you can head over to the design menu and change how your form looks. For instance, you may add a great background, change the colors, or choose one of the free themes for a quick start.

How to review your association membership form?

Finally, you may share the form after finishing its content and design. Go to the sharing options and choose the best ones to share your form with people. For example, you can post it on social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, send it via email, or embed it into a website page. 

Once people submit their forms, you can review them and let them know about their membership applications. On the responses page, you will easily navigate through different parts and download the records at any time.’s association membership form template will help businesses connect with your organization!

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