What are the best survey questions to ask your customers?

Dec 16, 2022 7 min read
What are the best survey questions to ask your customers?

Ebru Çelik

The customer is one of the most crucial elements necessary for the development and growth of a business. If the customer is satisfied with your product or service, it means that they can recommend it to their surroundings, which means that your brand will be heard even more. On the contrary, if your customer is not satisfied with the product, they may make negative comments about their environment, and this may damage your brand image.

For this reason, it will be much better for your brand and your business if you can identify such customers in advance and take precautions. The most preferred way to measure satisfaction is to conduct customer surveys. Collecting customer feedback about products will help you increase the data you have. In addition, you will also collect customer support because you are a business owner interested in his brand. In this article, you will learn about the amazing 25 questions and some tips that you should use to measure customer satisfaction.

Customer surveys: Definition & types

You may say right now, “what are customer surveys?”. The most important part of your marketing strategies to be successful is to satisfy your customers, and you can determine this satisfaction with consumer surveys. Customer surveys are a tool with which you can find out satisfaction, unhappiness, and even consumers' recommendations. Customer satisfaction surveys are usually used to measure the experience of customers, but there are other types of surveys. Here are customer surveys and their purposes:

  • Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys: A customer effort score is a type of survey aimed at understanding how much effort users spend when using products or services. How customers reach and easily use your products is an issue that interests you very much as a product owner. The biggest reason for this is that customers may not want to spend time on a product or service that is not easy to access. For this reason, asking questions about these topics in your surveys will help you improve your business.

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  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys: Net promoter score is a type of survey that measures the degree to which consumers are satisfied with your products or service. In this type of survey, you can also find out the loyalty of users or whether they will recommend them to their friends. Thanks to NPS surveys, you can positively change both the communication of your brand with customers and their opinions.

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  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) surveys: A customer satisfaction score is a type of survey where you can measure customer experiences. By measuring customer satisfaction, you can collect insights about your brand and improve your short-coming aspects much more easily and quickly. That’s why preparing questions to ask customers about your service or product is a good choice for your business.  

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  • Onboarding surveys: Onboarding is an essential process for many brands, and onboarding surveys ask questions about how this process is going and aim to gain information. For customer satisfaction metrics, onboarding surveys are a logical option, and it is a chance to bring out your business more.

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  • Churn surveys: If you have a product or service that requires a subscription, you may need these types of surveys. In such surveys, if users unsubscribe, it helps you to find out the reason for their unsubscription. In a way, you prepare feedback survey questions for your product. Therefore, you can collect insights from your clients and improve the product or service.

Advantages of using CSAT surveys 

As a business owner, creating customer satisfaction survey questions to have better brand management is a beneficial way to improve your business. With these survey types, you can improve customer relationships and make your brand more famous among consumers. When customers interact with the brand itself, they feel special, and they may tend to buy your product or service. As a final, detecting problems and complaints about the products beforehand is advantageous for your business because you will have time to correct them.

25 best strategic questions to ask customers

You may have questions in your mind about how to create a customer satisfaction survey, but there is no need to worry. While preparing customer satisfaction and customer feedback questions, you should benefit from different types of questions. For example, open-ended questions or multiple choices may give you a deeper understanding of your business. Here are 25 great strategic questions to boost your customer surveys question quality:

1  - What was your reason for choosing our product/service?

2  - Would you recommend us to your friend or colleague?

3  - What was your favorite thing about our product?

4  - Can you rate your satisfaction with the product between 1 and 10? 

5  - Would you consider shopping with our brand again?

6  - Did you have easy access to our website?

7  - Has our product been able to fully meet your needs?

8  - What was the thing you didn’t like most about our website?

9  - What are the 3 most important things you value in a brand?

10  - What would you like us to change about the brand?

11  - Have you ever run into a problem while purchasing a product or service?

12  - Do you value the price or performance of a product the most?

13  - Could you find easily find what you were looking for on our website?

14  - How much effort did you spend on buying the product or service?

15  - Why do you want to quit membership?

16  - What were the issues you were uncomfortable with during your membership?

17  - Do you have any advice you would like to offer us for our brand?

18  - Can you write down the 3 features and reasons you don't like the product or service?

19  - Did you find our website interesting?

20  - Would you like to visit our website again?

21  - Can you give your shopping experience a score between 1 and 10? Dec.

22  - What do you think is the worst thing about our product?

23  - Were you able to quickly find what you were looking for on our website?

24  - When you had a problem with the brand, were you able to find someone in charge?

25  - Is it important to you that the brand has ethical values?

Expert tips to write better and more effective questions 

If you value your business and want to establish a closer bond with your customers, using customer surveys will put you ahead of your competitors. For this reason, you should attach importance to using surveys to measure customer needs and satisfaction. Many survey makers like have survey templates you can use, but you can also prepare your own questions for better results. Here are some tips you can use for more expert questions:

  • Find a survey maker with advanced features
  • Avoid asking long questions
  • Use different question types
  • Don't leave your customers in a dilemma with your answer options
  • Avoid precise statements
  • Share surveys at the right time and right place
  • Ask customers open-ended questions to express themselves

Free customer survey examples online

There are survey maker tools where you can create customer surveys online and help you improve your business with its advanced features. One of them is and with you can find both customer success forms and other types of customer surveys. In addition, you can find many customer satisfaction survey templates for free in In addition, since you can use all the features of, even in the free version, you can create surveys to improve your business using the most advanced features.


When everything is taken into account, communicating more closely with customers is one of the most important features to improve your business. There are many ways to establish this communication, but the most important and preferred one is customer surveys. There are many different types of customer surveys, and they all have different purposes. Taking advantage of various surveys according to your needs is a critical step for the popularity of your business and brand.

Customer surveys have many benefits, and you should definitely use them to get ahead of your competitors. In order for your surveys to be answered to the end, you should not distract your customers by asking long and boring questions. Additionally, don't be afraid to get both suggestions and complaints from your customers because that's another way you can enhance your brand if you want to create customer surveys without wasting time using ready-made templates on, sign in, and start creating surveys right away!