Customer Service Satisfaction Survey Template

Customer service is essential to creating a customer base and having a nice brand image. Providing good customer service will not only maintain customer loyalty but also bring you more clients. So, by using a customer service satisfaction survey, you can collect valuable information about customer experiences. Open this customer service satisfaction survey template and create a free questionnaire now!

Customer Service Satisfaction Survey Template


Why is a customer service satisfaction survey important for your business?

The best way to show that you stand behind your products or services is by providing customer support. This will also show how responsible you are and how much you are concerned about your clients. But to ensure you provide good customer service, first, you must measure how effectively your customer support teams work.

A customer service satisfaction survey is a tool to collect data on how customer and support service interactions go. This way, you will get valuable data and have a great chance to improve your services. But there are more reasons to use an online customer service satisfaction survey:

  • Detecting issues and preventing them from happening again: After creating your survey with the customer service satisfaction survey template, you will be able to learn what causes dissatisfaction and take action accordingly. For example, if customers generally call for similar reasons, you can easily add information about it to your FAQ page. If some clients are unhappy about the manners of your support team, you can review the feedback carefully and, if necessary, warn the employee.
  • Maintain the number of your existing customers: With great customer service, your clients will be happy to use your products. But this is not all! When people are happy about a brand, they tend to advise their friends or colleagues to use it as well. Therefore, using a customer service satisfaction survey regularly will help you provide consistent and good customer support and have more customers.
  • Collecting feedback automatically: Aside from the standard advantages of a customer service satisfaction survey, online surveys will greatly increase functionality and effectiveness. An online client satisfaction survey will help you receive more responses automatically. This means you won’t have to deal with any paperwork and spend hours collecting feedback.
  • Faster review process: In addition to the free customer service satisfaction survey sample, provides an easy-to-navigate and uses a responses page. You will also have statistics created specifically for your questions. Once you have opened the responses page, you can either view the responses individually for detailed review or as a list to take a quick look at. These will help you review the survey submissions faster and more effectively. 


How to create a more functional customer service satisfaction survey?

To help you create your customer service satisfaction survey offers many features and options. By using these, you can create a custom survey that serves its purpose in the best possible way. But you may also consider some pro tips to make your questionnaire more engaging and functional. 

  • Keep the survey form short and simple: It is a well-known fact that people avoid too detailed and long surveys. This is especially true when time is limited for everyone today. So, by creating simple and clean-looking surveys, you can convince more people to fill out your customer service satisfaction survey. Moreover, this will help you spend less time on reviews.
  • Collect contact information to help the customers if the problem continues: If a customer had a problem and it continued after contacting customer support, you can note their contact information and provide further support. Collecting contact information will also become helpful when fixing an issue takes time.
  • Add rating scales or Likert scales to have an exact score: Rating scales show an exact score for the different aspects of your customer service. This way, you will know which points you should improve. So, these scale fields will help you see your strong or weak points and develop a better strategy.  
  • Add optional open-ended questions: Having an exact score is good. But what if you need to know the specifics? Sometimes, the details can show the truth behind it. Therefore, you may consider using open-ended questions in your customer service satisfaction survey. But, people maybe don’t have time to write the details. So, making these questions optional may be a good solution here.
  • Use some known metrics for measuring customer satisfaction: Collecting feedback is always useful for your company and your brand image. But it is also important that you can compare the feedback results consistently. So, try to use some well-known and effective metrics, such as net promoter score (NPS).
  • Have an engaging and professional-looking design: The appearance of your survey affects both your brand image and response rate. After choosing the free survey template to measure customer service satisfaction and finishing the content of your survey, head over to the design tab for advanced options. There, you can create professional-looking surveys for better results.
  • Send the feedback survey in various ways: Another way to increase your response rate is by sending the feedback survey on various platforms. For example, after a customer contacts the support team about his or her purchase experience, you may send an email afterward or open a pop-up page.


How to customize your customer service satisfaction survey?

In addition to the completely free customer service satisfaction survey template, offers many features and options for you. For example, if you decide to edit and customize your survey form, you will have many quick solutions as well as advanced options. And this is true for both editing and designing your customer service satisfaction survey.

Let’s say you want to change how your customer service satisfaction survey looks; you can either select one of the free themes or change every detail manually. The former will take only a second, and you will have an engaging, professional-looking design. And the latter will allow you to add your own background images and change colors and font. But the best part is that you can even use them together.

How to choose the best options for your customer service satisfaction survey?

After you have opened the customer service satisfaction survey template, you will realize that there are a lot of options regarding content, appearance, survey features, and sharing. But how can you choose the best options for your survey? It is actually very simple and effortless with’s easy-to-navigate interface. You can easily select the embed code, set up a thank you page, make some questions required, and many more. Open this free customer service satisfaction survey and explore the wide possibilities now!

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