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有关如何使用 并充分利用它的现场指南。

Text Fields

Open-ended questions are the best for gathering detailed data or personal information. In the same way, text fields are the best for open-ended questions where the visitors enter the answers manually. To simplify this process, has developed seven distinctive text fields for you. 📝

Short Text

A short text field is the best option for open-ended questions. It is a basic yet perfect method used in most surveys and forms. Visit this article to learn about how & why you should use a short text question in your forms.

Long Text

A long text field is one of the best options for open-ended questions. Most surveys and forms can include a question that requires long answers. In order to see how you can utilize long text questions in your forms, you can visit this article or take a look at form templates at any time.

Masked Text

A masked text field limits the ways how your visitors enter their answers to the given question. This will let you eliminate unrelated responses and improve your online forms. Learn more about it here.

Full Name

Collecting names is an almost inseparable part of most forms and surveys. That’s why has introduced a full name field for collecting only the names. Take a look at the article about the full name and see how & why you should use it in your forms.


An email form field is a basic field that enables you to collect email addresses from your respondents. You can simply visit this article and explore what you can do with an email field in your forms.


Collecting your respondents’ phone numbers with this handy Phone field is so easy. You can add it to your form and customize it in a way you like through its settings menu. See more about it here.


Collecting the address information of your respondents with this field is easy. Instead of text fields, you should use the Address field to collect address information in a more organized way. You can learn more about the address field here.