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Feedback Form Template

Whether it is from your customers, employees, or students, feedback always tells you something about the situation. According to the responses you receive, you may decide to change a few things to reach success. With an online feedback form, collect feedback about anything. offers you a completely free feedback form template that will get you started easily!

Importance of using a feedback form regularly

You can benefit greatly from extra data as managers, teachers, or sales coordinators. You may develop better strategies by learning how your employees feel about their jobs or how your students think about the courses they have. For example, if you know why people are buying your product or services and what change they would like to see, you can canalize your efforts into these aspects to increase your sales.

By simply conducting surveys and creating feedback forms, you can see the wider picture and improve your business dramatically. So, make sure to gather feedback data and evaluate the situation. Also, remember that feedback surveys will be much more helpful when conducted regularly.

Some areas where you can use an online feedback form

Feedback is an essential part of communication. It also plays an irreplaceable role in business projects, courses, or events. Based on the information you get from your audience, you can make changes in your projects or in your management that may lead to an increase in satisfaction, morale, and overall experience.

Customer feedback

If you are providing online services or selling products, you have great reason to listen to what your customers have to say. As your goal is to collect customer feedback about your products and brand, adding details about your products and editing the questions can be a wise choice. Also, you may use net promoter score (NPS) or customer effort score (CES) to get comparable results. 

Employee feedback

In order to meet deadlines, have a peaceful working environment, and increase productivity, you can collect employee feedback by providing them with an evaluation form.  This way, you will learn what causes problems at work, if any, and what you should do to solve them. You can remove personal questions, such as name and position, according to your preferences to receive honest responses.

Student feedback

If you are a teacher or a principal who wants to see his/her students happy and successful in their classes, then creating an online form by using this free feedback form template can provide a wonderful way to do that. Add your own questions about the classes, school environment, and teachers to gather data about your classes or school. 

Using’s free feedback forms and smart form options effectively

The online feedback form templates on include a great variety of feedback questions that you can use for general purposes. But the free templates are not the only things that offers to make your form creation process easier. Once you open the feedback form sample, you can simply edit the questions, add your own, or change the field types to a more suitable one for your needs.
You will also have other smart options, such as the calculator and third-party integrations. For example, you can enter a point for the answers in your feedback form and learn the scores instantly. Furthermore, special statistics will be generated for each question on your survey forms. This will make your review process faster and effortless than ever. Create your online form now by using this feedback form template for free!

Create online forms with ease, customize your form’s fields, design, and privacy options within a couple of minutes. By adding some of many types of form fields for all needs with’s drag and drop form creator screen, you can also create online surveys and exams. 

Powerful features: 

  • Conditional logic 
  • Create forms with ease
  • Calculator for exams and quote forms
  • Geolocation restriction
  • Real-time data
  • Detailed design customization

You can integrate the forms and surveys you created on with many third-party applications via's direct integrations and Zapier. These applications and integrations include creating or modifying a sheet on Google Sheets every time your form is submitted and creating a deal on Pipedrive for an order you received or a generated lead. 

There are no limits and boundaries when it comes to creating online forms, surveys, and exams with! You can choose one of many types of templates, create a form, and get started right away! Once you start with a template, you can easily customize your form fields, form design, and many other attributes!

You can share your forms in any way you like. If you want to share your form and collect responses through your form’s unique link, you can simply adjust privacy settings and copy-paste your form link anywhere. And if you would like to embed your form in your website, you can easily copy and paste embed code in your website HTML.

On, you can customize your form’s theme and design elements in depth. Once you switch to the ‘Design’ tab after getting your form done, you will see many different design customization options. You can change your form theme by choosing your own colors or picking one of many ready-made themes.