How to create a contact form to automate your business

Jan 19, 2022 6 min read
How to create a contact form to automate your business Team

Contact forms are crucial assets for anybody or any organization that can benefit from targeted response or service. An online contact form, apart from helping people to get in contact with you, also might help you to sort people out to save time and provide better service.

What are contact forms, and how can they benefit you with automation? 

Contact forms are used to help people communicate with an organization, a business, or freelancers. Nowadays, even if your business is humble, even if you are a freelancer, you benefit from having a website. Being online is more than helpful, it’s crucial. A website contact form is one of the many kinds of forms to have. It’s so much easier for people to contact you using an online form compared to other methods. Having a contact form embedded into your website also serves you well. You don’t drown in email notifications, and it’s really simple to sort through.

Especially by using an online form builder as we do with our app, you can not only make a good contact form design, but also can manage submissions easily with response management features. A large company can take the weight off of their human-relations professionals, and an individual can have more business opportunities since having an easy-to-access manner of communication will encourage people to do so.

On the automation side of things, the immediate impact of contact us forms is data collection. This is the most important use for many businesses. Since you can get personal information such as age, gender, interests, and more, you can use them for marketing. With a good plan, you will be able to automate this process. Along with other automatization opportunities such as effective response, data management with integrations, conditional logic, and statistics analysis, it’s hard to pass on.

Marketing automation and why it is crucial for businesses

We know generating leads is important for businesses. Using leads for effective marketing is very beneficial. Instead of sending irrelevant content that individuals do not care about, focusing on individual needs and interests while marketing is far more effective. Furthermore, automating this process is not only easier, but you will also reach more individuals. To list some benefits of marketing automation, with contact forms in mind:

  • A contact form can help you sort potential partners and customers if you ask the right questions
  • You can get their email address in the form, which you can add to a list with other people who have common qualities. Which in turn effectively aids you with targeted marketing. Do not forget to ask for consent in the form
  • Easier sales process
  • Depending on the reason of contact or qualities of the person who submitted the form, you can get different departments or members of your team to respond to submissions
  • It’s also helpful for collecting and managing meaningful data, which you can utilize further
  • With’s integration opportunities, you can use the data with third-party software of your choosing.
  • Automated marketing is sure to engage more potential customers compared to other methods
  • Automation also leads to better communication with the customer, as it can be utilized after the fact and potentially make loyal customers

Creating the perfect contact form with

As mentioned earlier, most businesses have internet sites. It’s hard to think of any business without a way for people to contact them on their website. WordPress is the most common and the easiest way to create a website. For that reason, made it easier for you to create a WordPress contact form. Unlike contact form HTML that needs you to have some knowledge of programming, is easy-to-use for anyone! You can easily create a free contact form for your website using! 

We have some suggestions to help you create a perfect contact form. With, you can not only build a beautiful and professional-looking form that you can customize, but also benefit from it’s powerful features to make sure your automation process is pristine. 

First things first, make sure you mention your willingness to use data

You might get in trouble even legally if you hide the fact that you collect data. With you can add a welcome page where you disclose this fact. Alternatively, you can add a checkbox in your form that acts as confirmation.

Don’t overwhelm people who fill the form

We think it can be beneficial to make one question appear at a time which you can do with People might be put off seeing the information they are disclosing.

Add a thank you page

A thank you page might seem positive, can show people that your organization follows through with submissions, and potentially leave a good impression.

Ask for the information that you believe to be the most important

It’s understandable to want as much data as you want. However, there are other, more suitable forms for that very reason. Use your contact form to get information that is rather simple, yet important.

Make use of conditional logic

Our conditional logic feature is useful for many reasons. You can start the data sorting process as early as the time people start filling the form. In conjunction with this, you can make it so that people get automated emails determined by their answers.

Use our design features to the fullest’s design tab is easy to use and full of content. You can make your form look professional with ease. Add your logo to the background, style your form according to the visual theme of your company, and so on.

Add a captcha

Especially if you expect a horde of submissions, it’s wise to add one. This will save you from spam.

The best free contact form templates

Our form builder is comprehensive and requires no knowledge of programming to use. If you want to create a contact form from the ground up, you can do that without problems. Still, we provide a large number of templates for our users to help them with the process. Whether you want to use a template as it is or build upon it, they are readily available. For your HTML form, starting out with a template should be easy. Also check out our contact us page! Here are some contact form examples that you can check out:

Build forms with

From the very simple building process to data management features, is a great tool for anyone or any organization that is looking to use online forms. Countless of ways to shape your form, ask questions in different manners, opportunities to customize and personalize, and many others. If you have a website, as we mentioned earlier, you can use’s WordPress support and embed the form with ease. You can arrange how notifications should work. 

To start building your form, click on the "Create Form" button. Next here should be a list of templates shown to you. Either pick a template or continue without. Add fields, questions, all you need, design your form, tweak settings and enjoy the time you’ve saved! Start right now!