7 awesome tips for creating quote forms

Jun 22, 2022 6 min read
7 awesome tips for creating quote forms

Atakan Efe

If you have a website that provides services, of course, you'll want to attract potential customers as well. After these customers learn about your services, they will naturally wonder how much it costs. They will look for a place on your website where they can ask for a quote. This is where online quote forms come into play. 

There are quote form generators, like here, where you can get quote forms free. Quote, forms should be accessible, simple, and easy as every customer would like. If you want to learn how you can provide this service, we have prepared this helpful article for you. And if you want to get more form submissions, be sure to read this guide and follow our tips.

What is a quote form?

A quote form is a document of Request for quotation (RFQ). It is a business process in which a buyer demands a quote for the purchase of particular products or services from a distributor. It is basically a process that helps you in selling online.

While such works were done via email in the past, now the speed and efficiency of the process have increased thanks to online quote forms. provides you with an online quote form builder that will help you to get a quick start.

How to create a custom quote form for your website

It is very easy to create a custom quote form with the help of our website. A quick start can be made with the template in seconds. In addition to its convenient usage, it allows you to create forms as you wish, thanks to its wide editing and customizing options. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Create a Request a Quote Form Template

Click on request a quote form template to go to the page for creating a quote form. On the screen, you will see Request a Quote Form Template; select it, and will create a request a quote form for you. Then you can review the created form. If you like the created form, you can proceed to the next section.

Step 2 - Edit Your Form

After selecting the request a quote form template, you will see the Use Template section in the upper left corner of the form. When you select it, you will be directed to the edit page. There you will see 7 fields. You can edit each field by selecting the wheel mark or duplicate, remove and move the section from 3 dots next to the wheel mark.

And don’t forget to save your progress. In the digital world, saving is the most important part. If you do not save the work you have done, it is considered not done. Do not forget to save your form at every step. Because if you encounter problems such as a power outage or internet outage, your progress will not be saved.

Step 3 - Customize Your Form Design

After editing, you can add themes to your form and customize the themes according to the features you want. In Settings, you can create rules that participants must follow and add integrations. And don’t forget to save your progress.

Step 4 - Share Your Form

And finally, you can share your form on your site after you set your privacy setting. The created forms can be embedded in your website. In addition to embedding, you have many sharing options, such as creating and sharing a custom link, embedding it as a feedback button, create a QR code!

7 Tips to take your quote form to the next level

You have created your quote form, but still, you may be wondering if your form is of good quality or what you have missed. You can check out our 7 tips that will take your quote form to the next level. And since it is not a constantly changing form, once you create it well, it will be a form that you will use for a long time.

1  - Don't make your form too long

Keeping your form too long can prevent a potential customer from continuing the form. Therefore, you should simply add the required information to your form. The quote form template on is an ideal example of a quote form.

2  - Design your form to attract attention includes many features, from adding images to adding a background. You can add your company logo and images for the services you provide to your form. A form that is aesthetically prepared and supported with images can delight your potential customers more.

3  - Use ready-made templates

Take care to use one of the ready-made templates, so you will be able to use your time more efficiently. You can totally trust the ready-made templates on because they already have the most important parts you might need.

4  - Add conditions to your form

A more seamless experience can be provided by using Conditions. You can add conditions on the form page. You will see the “ADD A CONDITION” button, and there will be four choices that you can choose. You can set conditions and select the form field for showing or hiding based on the respondents’ actions.

5  - Use Calculator to Speed Up

If you want your customer to get a price estimation quickly, It is possible to show automatic prices by assigning scores to the answers. You can also write the offers about your services or products in custom Thank-You page messages.

6  - Make sure to preview your forms

When your form is ready, give it a first try before publishing it, so you can fix any potential problems beforehand. You can do so by clicking on the eye button on the upper right corner of the editing page. If you run into a problem, you can try to find the answer in our help center or contact us directly.

7  - Obtain consent from your respondents

The business of obtaining consent is getting serious nowadays, and if you save the information without the consent of those who filled out the form, it may cause you problems. Therefore, you can add a field where you get consent from the person completing the form, explaining what you will use the information you collect. The terms & conditions field and signature field can easily serve this purpose.


In this article, we have explained to you how to create an effective quote form. In this way, you now have one of the parts that should be related to your business. You will not only lighten your own workload and communicate with customers faster, but you will also receive more positive feedback from your customers.

In addition to all, you can check out the articles on the blog of for other helpful guides. And if you are especially new to selling online and wonder how to create a contact form for your website, it is explained in our articles in a detailed and easy way. So use one of the templates below and get started today!