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Rental Application Form Template

Whether you are a landlord or real estate agent, you can create a rental application form on and find new tenants who fit your requirements. It does not require coding and is completely FREE. You can start with our generic template and customize its fields, design, and options according to your needs.

Rental Application Form Template


What is a rental application form?

A rental application form is a document used to gather applicants' contact information and similar data. Prospective tenants can easily apply to rent a place by filling out this type of form. We already have an online rental application form sample available that you can use by clicking on the ‘Use Template’ button. You can also always customize rental application form templates in terms of functionality and design. 

Find tenants with’s rental application form

A rental application form can be of use in many situations, from residential rentals to commercial ones, from monthly rents to yearly rents. Easily create a rental application form on and collect applications from your potential tenants within just a couple of minutes.

You can start by asking for their personal information such as name, surname, phone number, email address, and social security number to get to know them more. It is also possible to collect files through your online application form for a credit check and criminal history. After evaluating your candidates, you can send online lease agreements to the eligible ones.

Why do you need a rental application form? 

Renting out an apartment flat or a detached house requires certain processes, and the first step is always about collecting information about your future tenant. With a rental application form on, you can make this process much easier and faster by collecting their personal information and by asking some qualifying questions in order to find out how good they would fit your requirements. With the rental application form that you create on, a property owner can:

  • Collect applicant information
  • Ask qualifying questions and see if an applicant is a good fit
  • Find appropriate future tenants
  • Save time and energy

How to create a rental application form on

Creating a rental application form on is as easy as opening an apartment flat’s door. You can quickly start with our rental application form sample and put it into any shape that you would like it to be.

You can customize your form fields and change your form theme into one of many ready-to-use themes or simply colorize each element into any color. When you are all done and ready to share your rental application form, you can simply go to the ‘Share’ tab and copy your form link. You can also share your rental application form on social media platforms easily with just a few clicks. 

What are normal questions on a rental application?

If you wonder what to ask a tenant before renting, we can surely put your mind at ease because this rental application form template comes with standard questions and a professional design. After selecting this rental form sample, you can add, remove, and edit questions to create custom fillable forms for your rental properties.

You can add a file upload form field and ask for necessary documents such as credit report, rental history, and gross income. You can also choose in which file formats to receive these documents or define a standard file format. As well as asking for these documents, you can also ask for plain information such as how long a contract will be needed, previous landlord information, and some other information for a background check.

Integrate your form with your CRM and create a lead for each rental application

Do you have a CRM where you manage your inquiries? That's totally alright and better. You can integrate your rental application form with your CRM tool and create a deal for each application to manage your business processes better.

As a handy form creator, helps landlords and property management with powerful features and integrations. You can get your form integrated with applications such as Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Freshworks CRM, and many others. Even better, you can set these integrations via Zapier within just a couple of minutes!

How to collect application fees through your online form

If you would like to collect application fees from each applicant, you can add a payment field to your form and collect these fees fastly and securely. In order to collect such fees, you need to add a payment field to your form and connect it with your Stripe or PayPal accounts. Once you connect with one of these accounts or both, you can start enjoying collecting fees online without any bothering!

Collect rent every month with

Did you know that you can collect house rents through your online forms on You can create a separate payment form for your house rents and collect payments with the help of our Stripe and PayPal integrations. You only need to follow a few simple steps to create payment forms and collect payments on See these steps below:

  • Create a form using a template or start from scratch.
  • Add necessary form fields or modify existing ones.
  • Add a payment form field.
  • Choose which payment integration to use in payment field settings.
  • Integrate your Stripe or PayPal account with the payment field.
  • Share your form and start collecting payments easily and securely.

It's that simple to collect house rents with a form that you create within a couple of minutes. Also, you can adjust prices or even let your tenants define a price.

Create online forms with ease, customize your form’s fields, design, and privacy options within a couple of minutes. By adding some of many types of form fields for all needs with’s drag and drop form creator screen, you can also create online surveys and exams. 

Powerful features: 

  • Conditional logic 
  • Create forms with ease
  • Calculator for exams and quote forms
  • Geolocation restriction
  • Real-time data
  • Detailed design customization

You can integrate the forms and surveys you created on with many third-party applications via's direct integrations and Zapier. These applications and integrations include creating or modifying a sheet on Google Sheets every time your form is submitted and creating a deal on Pipedrive for an order you received or a generated lead. 

There are no limits and boundaries when it comes to creating online forms, surveys, and exams with! You can choose one of many types of templates, create a form, and get started right away! Once you start with a template, you can easily customize your form fields, form design, and many other attributes!

You can share your forms in any way you like. If you want to share your form and collect responses through your form’s unique link, you can simply adjust privacy settings and copy-paste your form link anywhere. And if you would like to embed your form in your website, you can easily copy and paste embed code in your website HTML.

On, you can customize your form’s theme and design elements in depth. Once you switch to the ‘Design’ tab after getting your form done, you will see many different design customization options. You can change your form theme by choosing your own colors or picking one of many ready-made themes.