How to sell on Instagram with an order form

Nov 25, 2021 8 min read
How to sell on Instagram with an order form

Salim Dın

The online world and social media have presented us with a new and highly functional way of selling products online. Today, opening a store in real life usually comes after. This is surely an interesting and liberating turn for retailers, boutiques, and other businesses. And now you don’t even create an entire website for opening an online store. With’s helpful touch, you can start selling on Instagram and experience the full power of social media!

From the very beginning, social media has gone through fundamental changes. A chunk of them is related to online shops and stores. As a result, social media platforms have become a harbour for the biggest online shops with the greatest marketing tools. As you may know, one unique platform that stands out among the rest is Instagram. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about how to sell on Instagram thanks to free order form templates on

Why should you start selling on Instagram?

Even before reading this, you must have seen successful online shops on Instagram. Some of them had their shops in real life before starting to accept online orders, and some of them opened their “real life” shops after their success on Instagram. There is a high chance you know Instagram’s potential for marketing and selling. Nevertheless, it is best to comprehend why to start selling on Instagram, before really diving into how to sell things on Instagram. Here are just some of the reasons:

  • A huge number of active users of all ages
  • Countless examples on how to sell on Instagram
  • Driving sales with effective marketing methods
  • Being more visible and easily generating leads
  • Practical and impressive advertisement options

How to create your shop with the best online store builder

Creating an online shop that looks great and comes with a trustable payment system and in minutes, sounds like a dream, right? Well, does all of that, and more, with its huge library of templates and advanced features. Therefore, you can easily start your e-commerce business without spending your valuable time. as the best online store builder, offers you a number of practical features to facilitate this process.

After creating an online order form and adding your products, you can use Instagram for marketing and selling merchandise. If you are expecting complex stages for learning how to sell on Instagram without a website, you should relax because all the topics will be covered here; from creating your first order form to how to sell products on Instagram. Let’s start with the basic yet powerful features of

  • Instant access to order form templates free

Beginning to create your shop from scratch is always an option, however, it can be really hard without market research. That’s why provides a full library of form samples for your business. All the order form templates on, such as Instagram order form template, are created with care by the form experts. Every great feature aside, they are completely free and customizable.

  • Advanced customization features

Once you have selected a suitable order form template for your business, you will have access to premium editing features. This will allow you to create custom forms more quickly and effortlessly. Simply inspect the form fields, and edit the fields you want. It is also possible to add new fields or change the properties of the existing ones.

  • Product basket and safe payment methods

Using an online order form is perfect for “print on demand” businesses or boutique owners. You will have an entire field to display your products and allow buyers to add them to their cards. Buyers will be able to see the product photos, their prices, and description. As for payment, allows you to choose a specific payment method for the purchase:

  • Accepting payment through Stripe. 
  • Receiving payment through PayPal. 
  • Allowing buyers to “pay at the door”

After adding your products and setting prices, easily connect your choice of payment gateway through After this process, the potential buyers will be able to use their debit or credit cards to securely send your money. In addition to these, more payment options, such as Iyzico will be available in the near future.

Getting started with a free order form template

Once you have a business account on Instagram and and a free account on, simply start with selecting a template. On, you can find a template for your clothing, jewelry, or any other e-commerce business. You may change the currency and add stock numbers for the products. Moreover, it is even possible to create a custom URL for your e-commerce form

Editing and ecommerce features of are absolutely fascinating. You think it ends there, however, you will be surprised. In addition to its features regarding form content, provides exceptional design options; from animated backgrounds to unique fonts. With all these features, can completely replace an ecommerce website builder. Needless to say, it will make building a store an enjoyable process with ready-to-use themes and exceptional features.

Allow custom orders and safely collect files

For businesses offering customized products, provides order form templates with file uploads. Therefore, your potential buyers can upload some samples or write a description for you. Besides, this way, you will be able to view the fields safely and confidently. On, you can select which file extension you will accept and provide your customers with an easy way to contact you. 

How to sell on Instagram without a website

Now that you have created your custom form with’s order form template, you can start using it for your Instagram sales. First of all, by adding your order form link to your profile will get into the big club of Instagram stores and use the famous phrase: “Link in Bio.”  To add your link, simply head over to the “edit profile” menu and add the link to the “website” field. If you have created a business account, you can also add action buttons to your profile.

Marketing and advertising opportunities on Instagram

While swiping through your friends’ stories, you must have seen those interesting and eye-catching advertisements. Or else, you may have clicked at least one of the promoted posts while scrolling down to see your feed. These advertisement options are the ultimate advantages of using Instagram as an e-commerce platform. Therefore, it is essential that you should master these marketing features in order to fully learn how to sell products on Instagram.

  • Embedding form links to your Instagram posts: You can use several methods to add links to your post on Instagram. The first one is shortening your links and adding them to the description. This is a highly preferred method since it is free and easy. However, you can also pay for adding a link in the captions or pay Instagram for sponsored posts that come with a button on the bottom.
  • Adding a swipe-up link to your stories: Using this handy feature requires at least 10k followers. If you already have that number of people following you, you can easily add a link for your Instagram stories on the story editor menu. Yet, it is also possible to use story advertisements for posting clickable links. In order to do that, you should use Ads Manager and follow a few extra steps. 
  • How to share a form link on IGTV: If you are creating videos as well, simply try to add your link into the description. But if you are worried that people and potential buyers won’t be able to see the link, you can add a swipe-up link to your stories for the IGTV videos. This way, your videos will open directly and they will have a higher chance to see the order form link.

Having an entire system with the best online store builder app

Building an Instagram shop with will truly take a short time. And what’s more, it can be achieved on both desktop and the mobile app. Having the whole system is possible, even with a free plan. In fact, you can use to create forms for customer support or requests & complaints, too. Use a free order form template on now and experience how to sell on Instagram yourself!