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Market Research Survey Template

A market research survey can prove useful for many reasons. For example, if you sell products or provide services, doing market research will provide you valuable data about the market conditions, customer behavior, and other competitors. This free market research template on can help you create your surveys and collect information with no effort!

Market Research Survey Template


Why should you use an online market research survey all the time?

In business life, market research may function as an eye for your company. Marketing surveys are great to measure the current customer experience, learn the expectations of your target audience, and more. Thanks to this type of data, businesses can assess the situation of the market and themselves, thus developing marketing strategies accordingly. 

  • Learn more about market conditions: Before introducing a product into a specific market, you have to make sure to know what you are dealing with. By conducting market research, you will be able to see the points that current products or your rival companies cannot deliver. Once you have gathered the data, you can focus on these issues and introduce a better product to get more market share.
  • Maintain your product or service quality: If you already have products competing in the market, using a market research survey may help you gather the necessary information. This way,  your product or service can be advantageous over others and achieve more success.
  • Instantly see the changes in customer behavior: According to the social and psychical environment, economic fluctuations, and other situations, people make different choices. And often markets are heavily affected by these changes. So, you have to track customer behavior and actions to update and upgrade your service to the current conditions. In the end, this will make your products ever-functional.
  • Learn how people perceive your brand: Another thing you have to know before adopting a business strategy is your brand image. In other words, you must know how people generally see your company and products. This will also help you determine a target market and audience for your company.

How to create a better online market research survey

Using market research surveys is a crucial step to making important business decisions. So, you have to make sure that you will be collecting useful, relevant, and accurate data about customers, customer satisfaction, and market trends by using this type of survey. 

To help you with this process, offers you many great market research survey templates that include questions about customers, their needs, and other factors that effects their behaviours. So, you can use this questionnaire template as a base and create your form with less effort. Also, there are some points you should consider when creating your survey form.

  • Make sure each question refers to a specific point: When conducting market research, your questions should be intentional and help you receive valuable information. But, this does not mean you should ask too detailed and specific questions. According to your product or the industry, try to ask balanced questions that won’t scare people away.
  • Add questions about demographics: Personal questions, such as age and gender can help you determine which type of people are purchasing your products. Since it also shows non-buyer groups, you will be able to develop a marketing strategy to attract them.
  • Ask the opinion of customers that do not use your products or services: For businesses, people who do not purchase their products or services matter almost as much as their customers. This is the case because all the people out there are actually potential customers for businesses. But, first, you have to ask their opinion and learn their motives to convince them to use your products. So after creating your survey with’s free market research survey template, send it to non-users as well.

How to optimize your market research survey provides countless handy features you can use when creating your market research survey. For example, you can add new questions, edit or remove the existing ones, and change their field types with ease. Once you have opened the market research survey template, explore the survey options and change them according to your preferences. 

In addition to editing options, you will also have various customization, sharing, and general options. To have a better design, for example, easily choose one of the free themes or change the visual aspects of our form manually. Once you have finished your survey form, head over to the survey settings and decide which features you want to use. Create your survey with’s free market research survey sample and gather valuable data now!

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to create great surveys, is here to meet your expectations. With countless templates, question types, and customization options, provides a practical way to create online surveys for free. Explore’s great features today!’s great library of survey templates will make it possible to create elaborate and professional-looking surveys and questionnaires in seconds. As a matter of fact, you can use some of the templates without any need for change. Whatever your need or goal is, has a great template to offer you. Easily browse the templates to find one that will help you get started faster.

By using, you will have a simple and powerful way to create online surveys. offers you a simple user interface that will allow you to create your survey in no time. Thanks to its basic design, you will be able to navigate through easily and find whatever you are looking for without a problem. On, you can:

  • Add questions to your surveys or edit them
  • Collect real-time data
  • Select from various free themes
  • Share your surveys on as many platforms as possible
  • Change publishing settings
  • Add conditions to your survey questions

When creating surveys and forms on, you can easily integrate other web applications, such as Slack, MailChimp, and Pipedrive into your survey form. This will, for example, allow you to send notifications to Slack channels, collect e-signatures, send receipts, and many more.

No matter your device type or the platform you are using, you can easily create your surveys on Now you don’t worry about how to create online surveys on mobile or if people will be able to see them properly or not, because forms.aps works seamlessly on any device. Get started today to create free online surveys and easily collect responses!