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How to accept payments? 💸💸

Using online forms to collect payments without any hassle and commission fee; sounds like a dream, right? That’s exactly what offers with its product basket and payment fields. Let’s take a look at the methods for collecting payments and how you can use them.

Payment methods

Whether you are selling products online or collecting donations, the payment field of will help you easily collect and transfer money to your account. For collecting international payments, you can connect Stripe and PayPal accounts to your forms. No matter which method you will use, it will be a quite simple process that can be completed with a few steps.

After adding a payment field to your form, you will have several options: setting a fixed amount and currency for payments, choosing a default payment method, and enabling the methods you would like to offer. Please visit the following articles to learn how to enable collecting payments through Stripe or PayPal.

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