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Student Demographics Survey Template

Knowing the background of your students will bring many advantages in classes. This is especially true for the classes where you don’t know the educational level of your students. With an online student demographics survey, you can easily collect necessary information about them. So use’s free student demographics survey template now and improve the educational outcome!

Student Demographics Survey Template


Why use an online student demographics survey?

Whether it’s elementary school, a private class, or a college course, student demographics can affect so many things. If you know where the students, or their parents, come from, which language they speak at home, and what their education levels are, you can choose a more suitable approach in the classes. Further, there are many advantages of using an online student demographics survey when developing an educational program.

  • Getting to know your target audience better: Demographics information about students changes so many things in classes. For example, your examples will be different for students whose age ranges from 6-9 and those who are between 18-24 years old. So, collecting data about the background of the students will surely lead to positive outcomes.
  • Choosing the tools and equipment for the classes accordingly: Sometimes, certain tools and instruments can be required for classes. For everyone to afford or use these, you may need to know your student’s household income, disabilities, and so on. Once you have created your questionnaire with this free student demographics survey template, you can easily add questions about these matters and the tools that will be used in classes.
  • Collecting and reviewing the submissions effortlessly: In addition to the regular advantages of a traditional student demographics survey, an online survey form will bring benefits to your class. As there will be no paperwork, you will just enjoy receiving feedback automatically and reviewing the submissions online. Also, students will be able to fill out the forms at their homes and at any time.

Some topics you might include in your student demographics survey

To help you collect demographic information, offers a student demographics survey template that comes with common topics and questions. But, you may want to know different aspects and details about your students according to your class or school type. So, 7 topics that may help you get better survey results are listed below:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Birthplace
  • Languages
  • Marital Status
  • Employment Status
  • Educational background

Some tips for creating a better student demographics survey

In addition to a great and ready-to-use student demographics survey, also provides practical options for you. For example, you can adjust the form settings, such as publishing times, and change the content of the survey with no effort. 

Once you have selected a school survey template on, you can easily start changing the questions in your survey. Further, you have a great library of free themes that will completely change how your form looks in seconds. 

  • Make the survey simple: For a shorter review and easier collection process, you should create your student demographics survey as simply as possible. To be able to do that, you may add multiple choices as answer options. And students will answer questions by just clicking a button. This way, it will take less time to both complete and review the surveys. 
  • Make sure the survey design is engaging: If you want to create a survey for high school or younger students, it is also important that your form looks engaging enough. Use the free themes and advanced design features together to create an astonishing student demographics survey.
  • Collect e-signatures: Sometimes, the signature of parents is required to verify the documents. By simply adding the signature field to your survey, you can have a solid way of getting the consent of respondents.
  • Use integrations: offers many integration options to its users. From Google Sheets to Excel, Discord to Slack, and Google Calendar to Google Analytics, you can use many direct integrations. You also have Zapier on to connect with hundreds of other applications on the web. Get started in no time with a completely free students demographics survey template on!

Creating online forms and surveys is much easier than ever before. Without needing to code a single line, you can simply create forms or surveys and customize its fields, design, and general options with just a few clicks through’s intuitive form builder interface. After that, you can share using one or more of many sharing options and start collecting responses immediately. 

Powerful features: 

  • Conditional logic 
  • Create forms with ease
  • Calculator for exams and quote forms
  • Geolocation restriction
  • Real-time data
  • Detailed design customization

Forms and surveys that are created on can be easily integrated with many third party applications via Zapier. You can integrate with more than 500 third party applications such as Slack, MailChimp and Pipedrive. For example, you can create contacts on MailChimp and send notifications to a specific Slack channel per submission you received through your forms.

It is alright if you don’t want to put in more time to create a survey from scratch. Jumpstart with one of many ready-to-use templates and get to the work of collecting responses without bothering yourself at all. If you would like to, you can customize your template’s form fields, design and adjust general survey settings.

You can share your surveys in any way you like. If you want to share your survey and collect responses through your form’s unique link, you can simply adjust privacy settings and copy-paste your form link anywhere. And if you would like to embed your form in your website, you can easily copy and paste embed code in your website HTML.

On, you can customize your form’s theme and design elements in depth. Once you switch to the ‘Design’ tab after getting your form done, you will see many different design customization options. You can change your form theme by choosing your own colors or picking one of many ready-made themes.