Newsletter Sign Up Form Template

A newsletter signup form helps you collect contact details and create a mailing list for your newsletters. And people can easily subscribe to your emails in seconds by filling out some basic questions. Email marketing is easy with’s free newsletter signup form template!

Newsletter Sign Up Form Template


What is a newsletter signup form, and why should you use it?

Newsletters can be a great tool to create a community, build a continuous connection with your customers, and increase your views or sales. A newsletter signup form can make all these possible. By creating a newsletter subscription form, you can collect personal information (such as names) and email addresses without effort.

By embedding your newsletter registration form into the website, you will be able to grow your email list day by day. Also,’s signup form templates and numerous handy features will make the form creation process as easy as the email collecting process. After you have enough registrants, you can either use the email list manually or use smart integration options to connect the responses with a mailing application.

How to create a great newsletter signup form?

While newsletter signup forms share a common purpose, they can be very different from one another according to where they are used. But you don’t have to worry. provides a basic newsletter signup form template you can use for any type of newsletter. It is also possible to customize the form to make it truly yours. And in this process, considering a few aspects may help you create a better form and attract more people to your newsletter.

  • Keep the form simple: Most of the time, people avoid forms with too many questions. Having a short and basic form will attract more people and help you get more responses.
  • Present an incentive: Today, signing up for a newsletter is easy. But a little encouragement can attract more people to your newsletter. For example, you can offer a free e-book, tutorial, or an interesting article about an important event. This way, people will be motivated to signup for your form and subscribe to your emails.
  • Have a matching design: It is important that your form and web design match. By using’s free themes and advanced customization option, you can easily make your form eye-catching and stand out from other sections of the website. For instance, you may consider changing the background and colors to get started.
  • Make sure the form is visible: Catching viewers' attention plays an important role in expanding your emailing list. To achieve that, you may add the form on the landing page, use pop-ups, or place it under your articles. Further, showing the newsletter signup form after purchases can be more effective. They will be more prone to subscribe to your newsletter as they have already paid for your products or services.
  • Make use of social proof: Generally, people’s decisions are highly affected by other people’s actions. So, including some details about the people who have subscribed to your emails can help you build instant trust among your viewers. For example, you can add a subscribe counter to show how many people have subscribed to your newsletter. The number will show your viewers that many people value what you have to say or offer.
  • Add information about the frequency of emails: Today, most people are sick of endless emails they are receiving from some websites. So, it is quite normal that they want to know how many email newsletters they will get within a week or month. Being clear about the frequency of your newsletter will leave a good impression on your potential subscribers.
  • Use call-to-action phrases: most of the subscription form includes a slogan to get attention. So make sure to ask people for action now. You will see this will help you increase both sales and conversion rates with only a phrase.


How to edit your newsletter signup form?

The free newsletter signup form template includes all the necessary questions and fields for newsletter subscriptions. But you may also want to edit the questions and the layout for various reasons. And on the edit page, you can easily do so with a few simple clicks. 

Besides editing questions, adjusting the field order is possible with’s. You can also add checkboxes for asking people about the newsletter they want to receive. This way, they will get emails only about the topics they are interested in. And thus, you will have a happy and loyal community.

How to customize your newsletter signup form?

When it comes to customization options, offers you countless options, from various free themes to a perfect newsletter signup form template. You will easily have the form design you want by using the options on the customization tab. If you embed the form into your website, you may consider choosing contrasting colors so that the form can catch people's attention.

Once you have finished your design, hit the eye button to preview how your form will look on other devices. If you are comfortable with the result, you can proceed to the share page. There you will find many options for sharing your form. For example, you can post it on your social media accounts, send it through WhatsApp, or, most commonly, embed it on your website. Use’s free newsletter form template for the best results and to reach more people every day!

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