Training Request Form Template

Training requests may be submitted by employees from time to time. It will be beneficial to organize training in order to increase employee competence and develop different strategies for your business. You can start collecting training requests right away by using the specially prepared request form template of

Training Request Form Template


What does's training request form template do?

This request form is mostly used by managers or the education department of the human resources department. Incoming requests are prioritized, training programs are planned and internal communication is ensured. Thus, business strategy can be structured without experiencing communication breakdown, confusion, and incompatibility.

What questions should be asked in the training request form?'s Training Request Form Template comes with some general questions. However, we have good news. With's unlimited customization options, you can add new questions to your form, modify existing ones, or remove ones you don't need. Here you will find some tips on questions that should be on a training request form.

●    You can start creating your form by asking which training is requested.

●     You may ask how many hours of training would be sufficient.

●     At the end of the course, you can choose the person who will give the training by asking whether a certificate or qualification document is required.

●     By adding a signature field to your form, you certify that the employee has approved the information they have submitted.

If you wish, you can continue working with another template that suits your needs from the Application Forms library of

How to optimize the online training form template?

After choosing one of the free themes for your request form, you can customize the color, font, and background for your business. You can then add a drop-down selection field with pre-filled answers about topics such as training location, advisor person, etc. to design a user-friendly form. Thanks to this organized view, your employees will experience less confusion and report faster.

If you like to show a price estimate when people submit their answers, you can easily do so on Thanks to’s calculator feature, you can assign a value or a score to each option and show the total result at the end. 

Displaying an automatically calculated estimate is a helpful tool as it provides potential customers with an idea of the cost based on their answers. If they are satisfied with the estimated price, they can contact you to obtain an exact quote and request your services.

You have a variety of options for sharing your forms on For example, you can simply use the form URL and paste it on your Instagram bio, website, or anywhere else. Or you can create a QR code for your form and use it both digitally and physically. And lastly, you can easily embed your form on a web page. Read our guides on sharing options to learn more.

An estimate is an approximate price of a service or product. A given estimate is generally based on material costs, labor costs, and other details. 

On, you can easily create an online form to automatically show a price estimate upon data entry.

While quotes and estimates refer to similar matters, they have slightly different meanings:

An estimate is an educated guess for a price based on work details, such as required labor, duration, and materials. On the other hand, a quote refers to an exact price for a service or product. 

An estimate and an invoice have a few, yet important differences. An estimate refers to an approximate price proposal for a service given before the job gets started. In contrast, an invoice is a bill for clients to pay once the job is started or finished.