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有关如何使用 并充分利用它的现场指南。

Terms & Conditions

Informing the form visitors about the process is always advised. Sometimes it is even legally required. That’s why has developed the best solution to provide a convenient and simple way for informing people: The terms and conditions field! 🧾

How to add terms and conditions on

As terms can be long and take up a big space of your form, has introduced the terms & conditions field. After adding it to your form, you will have two options: (1) showing your terms inside the form as a pop-up and (2) redirecting to an external page. 

First method

1- Add the field to your form on the edit page

2- Edit the consent text and the link text

3- Insert your terms and conditions

After completing your form, your terms and conditions will be opened as a pop-up whenever the visitors click on the link. This way, the form will have the perfect length and the visitors will be able to read your terms without leaving the form.

Second method

4- Add the field to your form on the edit page

5- Select the “redirect to external address” option

6- Insert URL for your terms and conditions

Aside from the terms and conditions, you may add a signature field to your forms and people can easily show their consent by signing it.