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Image Upload Field

Collecting images is one of the most liked and used features of online forms. Adding an image upload field to your form will allow people to upload pictures from their devices. Let’s not wait anymore and see how you can enable image uploads 📸

What is an image upload field, and what does it offer?

Much like a file upload field, this form field helps you collect specific files from the visitors’ devices. You can use an image upload field when there is a particular need for collecting images, designs, artworks, and similar files. 

After adding the field to your form, you will have a few options. For example, you can make uploads required for submission. This is a convenient feature if collecting the image plays a crucial role in your form. It is also possible to limit the maximum uploads. 

Note: By using an image upload field in your forms, you can easily collect many image files. If wonder whether the file extension you want is supported or not, here is the full list; .tif, .pjp, .xbm, .jxj, .svgz, .jpg, .jpeg, .ico, .tiff, .gif, .svg, .jfif, .webp, .png. .bmp, pjpeg, .avif 

In addition to images, allows you to collect other types of files. Learn more about file uploads by visiting the next article.