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Unpublish date settings

Do you want your forms to be filled in only for a limited time? By setting up an unpublish date, you can easily prevent people from seeing your form after a certain date and time. Let us check out unpublish date settings and what they offer!

How to set up an unpublish date for your forms?

First, you should enable the unpublish date settings to set a certain date. Then, you will have a number of options regarding the unpublish date and page. By togging some of the options you will be able to:

1- Easily select an unpublishing date and time:

2- Customize the redirect button and add a custom URL:

3- Add an explanatory text, image, or video for latecomers:

Once you set up an unpublishing date, your visitors will no longer have access to your forms after a specific date. Please visit publish date settings to learn how to set up a publish date for your forms.

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