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Response limits offers you reasonable submission limits in its free and paid plans. You are also able to set quotas for your forms to accept only a limited amount of responses each month. Let’s see the response limits for these plans and how you can adjust quota settings.

Gathering submissions and setting response limits

As a powerful online form builder, will enable you to create excellent forms and offer you the most reasonable plans (along with the free forever plan 🤗). By going with the free plan, you can have up to 150 responses a month. And simply increase it to 1.000, 10.000, and 100.000 responses by upgrading your account. To learn more about the advantages of upgrading your plan, please visit the pricing page.

To prevent your response limits from getting used up, all you have to do is enable quota settings and insert a number in the Max Answer Count area. The current view or response count will be just next to these settings so that you can adjust the limits any time you want.

Please check out other articles to learn more about form settings. If you have any questions, you can search for an answer on the help page or reach us any time.