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Opinion Scale

Opinion scales are the perfect fit for surveys, evaluations, and many other form types. On, you can simply add an opinion scale to your form to collect any kind of feedback.

What is an opinion scale, and why add it to your forms?

An opinion scale is a form field type where visitors choose a number to express their opinions on a matter. This enables you to assess what people think about your product/service or any other issue. Moreover, opinion scales present an easy and straightforward way to tell what they feel or think. Therefore, using one will not only get you more answers but also facilitate the review process. 

Note:’s practical results and statistics page provides comprehensive information about your questions’ responses and notable statistics. To learn more about results & statistics, please visit here.

What do opinion scales offer?

Once you add an opinion scale to your form on the Edit page, you have a number of options. With only a few clicks, you can:

  • Increase or decrease the numbers on the scale
  • Choose a default answer in case the question goes unanswered by the visitor
  • Make the question required for submission
  • Add labels to the start, middle, and end of the scale to make it more descriptive
  • Upload an image or a video to collect feedback about it

Another method to collect feedback in a smooth and straightforward way is using a star rating field, a.k.a. a Likert scale ⭐

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