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Подробные руководства о том, как использовать и максимально эффективно использовать его.

Multiple Selection Field

The multiple selection form field enables you to ask multiple-choice questions with several options with the ability to let respondents choose more than one option. ✔️

What can you do with a multiple selection field? 

With the irreplaceable field of all forms, surveys, quizzes, you can ask your respondents multiple-choice questions and let them select more than one answer. In the form field setting, you can find options for:

1- Making the form field “Required”

2- A menu to write down the options one under the other

3- Ability to sort the options

4- Show/hide the “Other” option

5- Define minimum and maximum option selects

6- Default answer as the respondent opens the form

7- Inserting image or video to the field

➡️For more information on the other field types, you can visit here.

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